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James Charles collabs with Charli & Dixie D’Amelio

 I guess this year James Charles is going to give us some major collaboration goals. We are seeing some of the members of the beauty community collaborating with the TikTok community. Just like ‘Nikita Dragun’ collaborated with the Lopez brothers from the Hype House.

James Charles is friends with both the members of ‘Sway House and Hype House”. Just a few days ago, he shared his collaboration video with the Sway boys. And now, he just posted a video on his YouTube channel ‘Beauty Battle ft. Charli & Dixie D’Amelio‘. James is collaborating with both the D’Amelio sisters for the very first time. He did a full glam makeup video with Charli a few months ago and fans really loved it.

Beauty Battle Between D’Amelio Sisters

So far this is like one of the best collaborations on James’ YouTube channel. Last week the beauty guru had a Makeup Relay Race feat the Sway House brothers. And fans literally went crazy over the collaboration. This week, they are going crazy over the D’Amelios.

James: As you guys can see today I have two very very special guests ‘ the D’Amelios ‘… I have not had an iconic duo such as the D’Amelio sisters, you know, to fight it out.

Charli: Yayyy

According to Charli, Dixie is always fighting with her. I guess that’s what sisters do. No wait, let me rephrase it. I guess that’s what siblings do. They fight all the time.

Anyways, let’s jump back to the video. So this beauty battle is a little special not because of the D’Amelio sisters. But also because they are using Morphe’s brand new collection from their sub-brand ‘Morphe 2’. Which is Morphe’s natural beauty line launching on 30th July. It is also going to be the first big professional shoot for the sisters so the excitement is real for them and their fans.

So Dixie created a very natural and glowy look and Charli created a winged metallic coppery eye-shade look and aced it. They didn’t go heavy on the base and kept it really natural. And the video has managed to earn more than 5.6 million views in a few hours.

James Charles Asks Charli & Dixie About Their Relationship As Sisters

We all know how the big sister supported the little one during the recent TikTok drama. So we kind of know that they share a very close bond.

“James: How would you guys describe your relationship living together and also working together? “

Well, James shouldn’t have asked it at first. Because this beauty battle literally changed into an argument battle between the sisters.

“Charli: The worst. I literally went into her (Dixie’s) room last night when she got home. To show her the clothes that I got for her. I opened the door and she closes the door in my face.”

Dixie, on the other hand, tries her best to explain the fact that she was trying to get some sleep after working non-stop for weeks. And that’s the reason why she closed the door on Charli’s face.

But apart from these regular fights, both of the D’Amelio sisters support each other when they are working together. And if one of them thinks she can’t speak on the topic, the other one does.

Stay tuned for more updates on the ‘Morphe 2’ collection.

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