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Ian Somerhalder shares Inspiring Bourbon brand Journey

Ian Somerhalder shares Inspiring Bourbon brand Journey

During the month of June, our hotshot Vampire stud Ian Somerhalder was kind of MIA. And while most fans wondered where he was, others assumed he was getting in some much-needed family time. Well, the recent global pandemic has made lives a lot more family-oriented. However, it so happens that Ian was building up his bourbon brand by learning and experiencing the brand himself. In his recent Instagram posts, he talks about how amazing the journey was while giving fans a much-awaited insight with his ‘mentor’. We love ourselves some good Ian Somerhalder and his Bourbon Brand.

As he puts it himself,

I’ve had the great pleasure and luck to learn so much from this man. Dr Don Livermore aka @cdnwhiskydoc . A mentor, a dear friend and a celebrated master blender. The passion and scientific contribution to the whiskey world this man has made is truly incredible. I’m blessed and grateful to to learn from you Don, to call you my friend. Thank you.

Ian Somerhalder shares his Bourban Brand Journey.

After years of planning and the last 12 straight months of blending, tasting, testing, dreaming, pushing, flying and driving. Redeye flights, napping in hotels for 30 mins before meetings then rushing to get back on a plane and fly home hoping to make it in time to put the baby down.

Ian Somerhalder shares how hectic yet rewarding the process of perfecting the bourbon brand he has with fellow The Vampire Diaries star, Paul Wesley was. He is ever so proud of the Brothers Bond Bourbon. He thanks his hardworking team for their efforts and his fans for their support.

What a fun and intense journey.
My hat is off to my team. Our team. I can’t wait to share this with you. If you are legal drinking age, please go to to sign up so we can be on this journey together and I can email you!

if you are interested in the bourbon and of legal age, Ian Somerhalder leaves a link for his brand for you to experience it yourself!