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Jake Paul vs Gib Memes Go Viral

Jake Paul vs Gib memes go viral as the 2 minutes and 18 seconds short boxing match comes to a close. Logan Paul‘s youngest brother and TM’s ex-husband or boyfriend KOs the opponent in the first round and gets ready to take on KSI next. You can watch the free live stream of the match here.

What are some of the Best Jake Paul vs Gib Memes?

Have you heard of the term “hit and run”? Well, that is exactly what the Jake Paul vs Gib boxing match looked like. Let me summarise the entire boxing match in a few words. T-Paul’s Jakey walks in the ring. AnEsonGib walks in the ring. round 1 starts. Gib thinks he’s playing r6 Jake Paul throws one punch and wins the match.

A reply to Keemstar’s Tweet by @Finderjack in the form of TikTok video sums it all up and is one of the best Jake Paul vs Gib match memes. You can watch it below.

It took Jake Paul less than a round to completely obliterate the challenger known for his Big Nose. No, I’m not mocking him, it’s true. AnEsonGib’s EsonGib is biGnosE spelled backward. Now, that is out of the way, let’s get back to some of the other funny memes that came to life after Jake Paul vs Gib match.

AnEsonGib’s footwork and fighting style also became the highlight of some interesting memes in response to Keemstar’s post. This meme by @TyJMaine is one of my favorites and will surely give you a laughter fit.

Jake Paul’s fight also paved the way for memes predicting Jake’s upcoming boxing match with KSI. Some say the Brit will demolish the American YouTuber in no time. This what @Bigsmokeeeeeee thinks Jake Paul vs KSI match will go down.

That seems more like a slap though and looks like Jake Paul will have no time to react. Dankanator will keep you updated as it happens. Keep the comments section flooded with your thoughts.