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Jake Paul vs. Gib: Who Won the Long Overdue Clash?

Well, that didn't last long!

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Blink and you’ll miss it… this is the perfect way to sum up the highly anticipated Jake Paul vs. Gib fight. Almost 3 months after witnessing the Logan Paul vs. KSI boxing rematch, we had ourselves another YouTube boxing match. However, it ended before it actually started with Paul destroying AnEsonGib before the end of the first-round! Like the last one, this internet boxing bout was streamed live on DAZN as well. Both Paul Brothers were in the building, along with KSI!

Jake Paul vs. Gib… A First-Round Decapitation!

Jake Paul vs. Gib

During the build-up, AnEsonGib was being touted as a tough obstacle in the path of Jake Paul. Paul, on the other hand, brought up on multiple occasions that Gib was just a stepping stone for him to get to KSI.

With a lot on the line, Jake Paul headed into the fight with a “killer instinct”. Once the bell rang, it was clearly evident that he was the better fighter overall with the right balance of technique and aggressiveness.

When it comes to Gib, his poor defense skills were exposed as soon as the boxing match started. Although he came into the fight with full focus and energy, nothing was sufficient to match Jake’s heart and technique.

The clash lasted a little over 2 minutes and featured Paul Obliterating his opponent before the referee had to stop the fight.

Reactions to the Fight!

To say that the boxing match in question garnered widespread recognition would be an understatement. A ton of influencers and social media users tweeted their reactions to the Jake Paul vs. Gib boxing match.


It looks like Jake Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend (?) Tana Mongeau is in a celebratory mood as well!

What’s Next?

It looks like Jake’s win has paved the way for a Jake Paul vs. KSI fight. The two even had a heated exchange of words following Paul’s decisive win. It looks like KSI’s feud with the Paul Brothers will continue, at least over the course of 2020. The fight is expected to take place in Fall 2020 and DAZN has a sure-shot blockbuster on their hands.

What is your opinion on the fight? Do you think that Jake was the better boxer or that Gib wasn’t ready for his first Professional Boxing match? Are you excited for the potential Jake Paul vs. KSI fight this year? Sound off in the comments!

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