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Jake Paul steals Logan Paul's new bird

Jake Paul steals Logan Paul’s new bird

Jake Paul has been creating some cool vlogs lately. Every Thursday he drops us something good to enjoy. And for that we are thankful. Who could ask for anything else these days but entertainment? He recently hit 20 million subscribers on YouTube. Something for him to celebrate in these hard times right?

Jake Paul’s recent vlog

He posted a new vlog on April 16, 2020. It was an almost 6-minute-long video full of entertainment. Jake Paul started off his vlog by trying to catch a tennis ball that he threw from the other corner of the house. He failed. Then he sneaks into his brother, Logan Paul’s house to steal his new bird. But finds his brother with the bird doing his podcast thing. Logan goes all attentive as he smells a prank happening. He follows his brother closely while Jake Paul checks out the new bird. And despite what the vlog’s title says, he didn’t succeed in stealing the bird.

The other part of the video features some fun making of KSI by both brothers. While still in Logan’s house, he scares everyone with a ghost mounted on a drone. Everyone laughs it off. Then Jake Paul thanks all his followers for their support in reaching 20 million YouTube subscribers. His friend joins him and tells him that we have a party going on for him in the backyard.

When he reaches there, he finds a small bunch of his friends making fun of him and saying that there is no party. Also, Jake is looking for a wife for his dog Thor. In the end, Jake chills with his friends who are seen making fun of one another and laughing like crazies.

Watch Jake Paul’s vlog which he posted on April 16, 2020, on YouTube here.