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Pregnant Nikki Bella Wears Lingerie For Her Baby Bump TikTok Video

Pregnant Nikki Bella Wears Lingerie For Her Baby Bump TikTok Video

Pro wrestling superstar Nikki Bella and her family is having fun making TikTok videos. Along with her finance Artem Chigvintsev, the two are finding creative ways to stay entertained during the quarantine. Although she is 24-week pregnant, she continues to flaunt her sexy curves and wears eye-catching clothes that can lure anyone towards her. This time, Nikki Bella goes back to TikTok to do a Don’t Rush challenge, a song by Young T and Bugsey feat. Headie One. Wearing a silk robe, she quickly jumps into the next scene to reveal her huge baby bump while wearing stunning lingerie.

Nikki Bella TikTok Video In Her Lingerie

The TikTok video starts with Nikki Bella in a luxurious silk robe. She throws a towel at the camera and quickly changes into wearing jaw-dropping black lingerie with her baby bump on full display. Instantly covering herself she walks towards the camera to block the view after which the scene changes. This time, the Bella-twin is wearing a black dress. She slides her phone over to Artem, who is cooking in the kitchen. Interestingly, the next scene features Brie Bella as well, as she gets up to catch the phone. You have to watch the video to look at the beauty of Bella twins:

This is perhaps the most time consuming and elaborate TikTok video Nikka Bella has done. However, they say that time is not wasted if you are having fun. Besides, since everyone is stuck in quarantine, perhaps this is the best form of entertainment they have as well. Bella,  in her Instagram share of the video, also wrote a caption informing her fans about new episodes of Total Bellas:

“Get to the couch NOW! All NEW #totalbellas is coming on only on E! Head to my IG story or tik tok to see the full length version, Birdie and Artem got cut off”