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Is Nessa Barrett creating more issues for herself?

Josh Richards’s ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, has been into some back-to-back issues from the last few months. In 1st quarter of 2020, they were officially one of the cutest couples on TikTok. But some messy things happened, Chase Hudson broke the bro code and sent Nessa an explicit image while she was still in a relationship with Josh. Josh, in return, confronted him and made a diss-track Still Softish with Bryce Hall. Chase and Charli D’Amelio confirmed their breakup. After some time, Josh and Nessa confirmed their breakup as well. Then Chase kissed Nessa and it triggered another, bigger one, not a fight-fight between Hype House & Sway House. Now, Nessa is hanging out with Thomas Petrou again. Will that create more issues for her?

Latest scoop

Nessa Barrett has been going through some tough times in 2020. She rose to fame, and got sucked into the TikTok community dramas that come as a complimentary gift attached to the fame . When they broke up, Nessa and Josh Richards confirmed that they are still in love with each other. Nessa even cried during the breakup video and that hurt many fans. She said she would be taking a break from the social media and she’d focus more on her future and music career.

She has been working on her music in the studio, and her first track is about to drop soon. Fans were really waiting for her music to drop. But they weren’t expecting another beef between Hype House and Sway House. Last week was nothing less than a huge mess for the TikTok community and the ripple effects are still there. That’s why when a paparazzi leaked Nessa Barrett standing outside the Hype House, a couple of days after the drama, fans were not happy.

Many Nessa fans believe that she should stay out of the Hype House. As being with them brings more trouble and drama allegedly. The Hype House fans believe Thomas Petrou should keep Nessa out of the house because they want Charli D’Amelio to be back with Chase Hudson.

Fans believe Nessa Barrett is changing

The whole issue started after Thomas Petrou posted a vlog with Nessa Barrett & Chase Hudson as a thumbnail for YouTube vlog. He also asked the fans if they want Nessa to join the Hype House. But since the drama followed the video, next thing we know Thomas Petrou has posted another video with the title: Nevermind.

Now, if you have not seen his latest vlog, Nessa Barrett is back with them again. We do not see Chase Hudson in the video. However, we do see others having fun.

Nessa in a heavy makeup look (heavy because she never did that before) joins Thomas Petrou to try In & Out for the first time. Hype House’s member Michael asks Nessa if that’s her first time trying the burger (the vlog is titled: This was Nessa’s first time), and she says yes. Next thing, Michael says:

What kind of piece of shit wouldn’t take you to In & Out.

And as the vlog shows, Nessa didn’t say anything but Thomas Petro laughed at it. This was Michael shading Josh Richards for not taking Nessa to In & Out while they were in a relationship. The shade did not sit well with the fans and they believe Nessa should have said something in return. On the other side, Josh Richards did address the shade:


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[SWIPE] oop josh reacts to the shade in thomas’s vlog. He says he definitely took nessa to eat at nice places and that when he met them all last night, they acted as if things were all good

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Ouch! Michael responded to Josh’s shade on his lip-fillers:


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michael responds to josh shading him for getting lip fillers

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Hah! ouch again.

PAIN & more….

In an exclusive statement given to The People, Nessa Barrett confirmed Chase Hudson kissed her and nothing happened after that. She also said she wouldn’t talk about the issue ever again. Her music is her therapy and she would like to share her story through her music. Nessa Barrett’s first song PAIN drops coming weekend.

Nessa has not deactivated her social media handles. Instead, she uninstalled the Apps, and re-downlaoded them. Even though Nessa has not posted any new TikTok from last 10 days, and she has deleted all of her tweets except one from Twitter. Nessa is still posting on Instagram.

Her latest IG post says “new beginnings”.


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new beginnings…

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And it seems like she might be doing more than singing in the future. Nessa has already addressed how she is receiving DMs and comments from the people on internet to kill herself. They are slut-shaming her and hating her after the whole drama. If you go to Nessa’s recently liked tweets, you’ll see she has liked most of the hate comments she is getting. And those comments are not okay at all.

Do you think Nessa Barrett should stay away from the Hype House? Are they using each other for clout? Let us know your thoughts on the matter.