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Eugenia Cooney Reviews Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has also reviewed the very popular Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection. Cooney had over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts makeup reviews, tutorials, and vlogs. She shared that she is a massive fan of Jeffree* and she bought the entire collection. One of her favorite products by him is the Xtreme Frost highlighter. She then proceeded to review the new collection.

Eugenia Clooney reviews Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

Starting off, she praised the beautiful purple packaging and the giant mirror. She also took a look at the shades and commented on how it is overall quite purple, but has many other shades too.

Creating the eye makeup look, she first went in with the purple shade High King in the crease. She was immediately impressed. Next came Blood Queen, a darker purple to add more depth to the crease. Then she added Royal Pain above the other two. She then added the dark green ‘Serpent’ to the outer part of her eye. Adding more shades, she kept emphasizing how nice they all were.

And of course, the famous new Wet Jewel shade which blows everyone away. Eugenia shared it was the shade she was most excited about. She commented:

Wow. That is like super impressive!

It was then time to try out the Xtreme Frost new shade ‘Choking on Ice’. And it looked super pretty when Eugenia applied it. She described it as:

It’s honestly so pretty, like this shade… such a pretty purple highlight

Eugenia Clooney then tried out the new velour lip sticks by Jeffree Star. She went for the new pastel purple ‘Blow Pony’ and put it on. This gave a super cool and funky extra-terrestrial look. On top of it, she added ‘Royal Armor.’ This added a beautiful shine.

And then came the new Lord Star and Sickening lipglosses.

I am so happy with this collection and I’m so happy I bought everything. I think this collection is beautiful. I think the eyshadow palette is gorgeous, the highlight shade is amazing. This one is one of my favourites for sure.