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Lady Gaga Introduces Chromatica Music Album

Lady Gaga lovers, it’s time to gear up for some fun new music by the diva herself. After her studio-album Joanne in 2016, finally, the singer is ready to bring an all-new album which promises lots of great music and vibes. The musician also starred alongside Bradley Cooper in Academy Award-winning movie ‘A Star Is Born.’ She then won the Best Oscar Original Song for ‘Shallow.’ The track even bagged a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance and Best Song Written for Visual Media. Now, the Chromatica music album awaits!

Lady Gaga announces Chromatica music album

Lady Gaga just announced the upcoming release of her new Chromatica music album. She even shared a release date. And it’s April 10! We will finally be enjoying new fun tracks to dance and sway to.

She also added a pink picture which she clarified was ‘not’ the cover art for the new album.

The song ‘Stupid Love’ that features on the album is already out.

She added that the album is up for pre-order simply by following the link she shared.

What to expect

Now that you’re excited about the new Chromatica album, you might be wondering what’s in store. Well, the concept behind the album is sound and healing. Because sound is what healed Lady Gaga through the years. It’s also about bravery and the act of love.

She shared:

The symbol for Chromatica has a sine wave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound, and it’s from what all sound is made from, and, for me, sound is what healed me in my life period, and it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about.

It’s about healing and it’s about bravery as well and it’s really like, when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone.

The album will have 16 tracks in it. Speculation is also afloat that Ariana Grande and BlackPink will be featuring on the new album. And that the collab with Ariana is a ‘club-banger.’

And Lady Gaga promises that it is something that makes the listeners truly happy. She has put her heart, pain into it and she wants it to make people feel happy.

I put all of my heart, all my pain, all of my messages from the other realm and what they tell me to tell the world, I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and, energetically, really pure. I want people to dance and feel really happy. Someone asked me the other day what my goal was with this album… I said, ‘I’d like to put out music that a big chunk of the world will hear and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every single day.”

Are we excited or what?! Without a doubt, we cannot wait for the new Chromatica album to drop.