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Elijah Daniel’s Perfect Response to Jeffree Star Apology Video

Jeffree Star, recently embroiled in a massive beauty community drama, has broken his silence. In a carefully crafted apology video that still had many flaws, he apologizes to his fans and James Charles. He shares that he hasn’t abandoned his close friend Shane Dawson and that we need to put our focus on other issues in the world. Instead of focusing on his drama, Jeffree Star urges people to think about other things happening in the world such as the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a move that many condemned because it was just a deflection, something he used in the video to appear anti-racist. That’s why most of the internet didn’t accept his apology which seemed insincere. And that is when we come to Elijah Daniel. He had the perfect response to Jeffree Star’s video ‘Doing What’s Right’.

Elijah Daniel slams Jeffree Star effortlessly

If anyone can shade Jeffree Star effortlessly, it has got to be Elijah Daniel. While sharing a picture of the video of Star, Elijah captions it with:

hello citizens of Gotham City, if you’re seeing this, it is because i have killed Batman and taken control of the city.
To make it even better, he even made a TikTok on it:

For those of you who didn’t get the reference, it is from the Batman universe. It’s a line a villain says, which many can agree is something Jeffree Star looks like.

He still isn’t taking full accountability for his actions and not addressing every single thing that he did to harm other people. Not only that but people are pointing out he used the Black Lives Matter movement for his own personal benefit. He didn’t have the right intentions by mentioning the BLM movement. If they were, he should have at least added some resources and links in his description box to help the cause.

Elijah Daniel, on the other hand, has not talked about BLM just when he wanted people to stop coming after him for some drama. He has consistently shared links and resources to help the BLM movement:

It appears that it will be very hard for Jeffree to regain the trust of the public.