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Bretman Rock flashes his stalker neighbor

Bretman Rock flashes his stalker neighbor

I don’t know if it is safe to say that I find Bretman Rock’s new video pretty hilarious. Nature is just being a little unfair to our mascara master. So James Charles gets to have a super handsome and talented neighbor like Logan Paul. Whereas Bretman gets to have a super weird one with stalking abilities and tendencies.

Somebody needs to tell our queen-of-plants’ neighbor that we are living in the 21st century where people mind their own business. And they don’t stick their nose in other people’s business otherwise they force super nice people like Bretman to convert into the baddest b*itch in 0.1 seconds.

Bretman Rock’s response to stalker neighbor is making fans drop their jaws

If you all have a stalker neighbor, you guys need to get some tips from Bretman. I mean this beauty guru is just savage (plays Savage by Meghan thee Stallion in the background).

“This b*tch has been harassing me since I moved here. And my HOA don’t do nothing about it but harass me as well… So I figured f*ck it why am I letting these b*tches and discriminate me. I have the time today b*tch. and enjoy my n*des”.

Bretman Rock further mentioned that his neighbor has pointed her security cameras towards his room for a few months. Which is a pure invasion of privacy. He doesn’t even know why his neighbor is doing all of this. As we all know Bretman doesn’t take s*it from anybody. So he finally decided to take things in his own hands and give his neighbor the time of her life. From twerking to showing some deadly dance moves and then stripping the nightgown at the end, Bretman made sure to give stalker neighbor a little side-effect of her own actions.

Let’s see how people responded in the comments section

Some of the people thought the video is actually very funny. While the others who had some knowledge about the laws of invasion of privacy said otherwise.

It wasn’t really nice of Bretman’s HOA not to take action regarding the whole scenario. Instead of helping him, he also bullied Bretman which is super weird. So, now what Bretman can actually do is to contact some proper authorities to solve this matter.

You can sue your neighbor

So Bretman Rock had something on his bathrobe. I thought it’s a bug or some dried leave. But lots of fans have eagle sharp eyes so they figured out that there was an eyelash on the bathrobe. Which is actually super hilarious. I mean what is it even doing there?

eyelashes on the robe

I agree with this fan here. If I was Bretman’s neighbor, I would watch him all day every day.

If I was your neighbor

So that’s it for today guys. If you have any stalker neighbor, you need to report the issue to the right authorities. Either talk to a lawyer or file a complaint about a police investigation.