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Jeffree Star Says He Never Abandoned Shane Dawson

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Another major update has happened in the beauty community world of YouTube. The main players in the drama are James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star. The one that was getting the most hate was undoubtedly Jeffree Star. That’s because many exposed him for being manipulative and pulling the strings that got others in trouble. Last year, when Tati exposed James Charles, she said in a new video that she was doing it based on things that Jeffree and Shane were doing. Though, other YouTubers have also called him out in his manipulative behavior such as Blaire White, Kameron Lester and Ashlye Kyle. Jeffree has now addressed all the drama though he didn’t name any names except for Shane and James Charles. To the latter, he publicly apologized. To the former, he claims that he still supports him.

Jeffree Star still supports his best friend Shane Dawson

In his video, titled ‘Doing What’s Right’, he stated that he is still friends with Shane Dawson. Him being silent did not mean he was not supporting Shane. Talking about Shane, he states:

Shane Dawson. He is one of my best friends. And someone who helped me remember who I am when I was starting to crack and lose focus on who I really was. He is genuine, amazing, he’s selfless. And he’s one of the most kind people that I have ever met in my entire world. And I know Shane would put his family and friends before himself in a flash.

Then Jeffree Star addresses his and Shane’s involvement in the drama surrounding James Charles and Tati Westbrook:

Now did Shane and I get caught up in the drama and do some dumb shi*t? Of course, we did. But that is actually my best friend. And I was truly shocked that people thought I was going to distance myself from him. Or that my silence was anything but support.

Though, Star does condemn his past actions

Most of the drama that Shane Dawson is involved in the beauty community or otherwise, has to do with his problematic past. Shane’s past is filled with problematic content as well such as racist jokes and pedophilic jokes.

Therefore, Jeffree Star does mention that he does not condone that behavior of Shane’s:

I know Shane from now. I don’t know Shane from ten years ago and he doesn’t know me from ten years ago. Now, do I agree with Shane’s past actions? Of course not! Does Shane agree with my past behavior? Of course, he does not! I know the amazing person he is today. And you don’t abandon your friends.

Furthermore, Jeffree Star also says that he hopes what he did with Shane Dawson business-wise would help inspire people to do something they want to do in their lives. He is talking about the Shane X Jeffree Makeup Line (The Conspiracy Collection) they both created last year. Shane Dawson also did a whole docuseries on product development. This was the second docuseries that the YouTubers had done together. While doing so, it was obvious to fans that Shane and Jeffree became close friends.

However, when the recent drama occurred and Star didn’t say anything about it in relation to Shane, people were speculating that Jeffree Star left behind Shane Dawson and got to new friends such as Blac Chyna. But it seems like we were wrong. The two are still good friends. Shane has not spoken out on his drama yet. He only reacted to a small portion of Tati Westbrook’s latest video ‘Breaking My Silence’ and claims she was lying about her allegations against Jeffree and Shane.

But one thing is clear, Jeffree will not abandon Shane Dawson and he is going to support him still.

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