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Ex-Cast Member, Elias Toufexis, Petitions For The Expanse To Be Remade

Elias Toufexis Jokingly Petitions For The Expanse To Be Remade

Based on James S.A. Corey’s ongoing series of novels, The Expanse is a Sci-Fi epic that will likely increase its cult following into a mainstream audience with is upcoming Season 4 on Amazon. However, a former cast member, Elias Toufexis, has refused to accept the fate of his now-deceased character. And he has jokingly launched a petition to remake the show. Since the release date has not been announced yet, there might still be a chance for the remake!

The Game of Thrones in space has a reputation for its twisty, thrilling, and enthralling narrative. On the show, multiple characters from across the solar system ambitiously vie for control of natural resources and for extraterrestrial dominion.  While some emerge successful in this struggle for survival, others perish in the attempt. As characters die, The Expanse emancipates their respective actors.

Elias Toufexis As Kenzo Gabriel On The Expanse

Elias Toufexis recurred on The Expanse during its freshman run, back when it was on Syfy. Toufexis’ Kenzo Gabriel was a spy working for Davila Aerospatiale, relaying intelligence data of the Tycho Station to his employers. Kenzo’s days on the Rocinante are; however, cut short when the ship’s captain James Holden discovers him hiding in the shafts of Eros. Not sparing Kenzo for his treacherous betrayals, Holden denies Kenzo from boarding the Rocinante again. Subsequently, an infectious, rapidly growing protomolecule seizes control of an abandoned Gabriel, succumbing the spy to a painful death.

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Elias Wants The Expanse To Be Remade Ahead Of Its Season 4

Elias Toufexis is in absolute awe of the show that has given him so much fame. Hence to honor The Expanse recent revival at Amazon, Toufexis jokingly tweeted about how he was upset with the makers for killing off his character. Toufexis now ‘demands’ The Expanse to be re-made featuring him as the only cast member. He’d play various characters on the show wearing various wigs.  Elias Toufexis is glad that the show has landed another opportunity to prove its worth, and this time on a much bigger platform. He wishes to be a part of the project again and pulls over hopes that The Expanse Season 4 will attain unsurmountable heights.

The Expanse Season 4, Release Date, Trailer, And Plot

Following the fourth book in the series, The Expanse Season 4 will foray into a completely new planet Ilus. Although it will happen without sidelining the ongoing struggles in its other outlandish territories. Amazon is yet to give a word on The Expanse Season 4 release date. But given the recent hype coming from its various social media handles, an announcement seems almost imminent.