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Blackpink's Jisoo lands role in Korean TV Show 'Snowdrop'

Blackpink’s Jisoo lands role in Korean TV Show ‘Snowdrop’

I have a piece of good news for all the Blackpink fans. One of the members of this South Korean girl group ‘Jisoo’ just got a role in a Korean TV show. Well, we never knew Jisoo was into acting. And how cool it would be if one of the members of GOT7 or BTS land a role in the same show. That’s pretty natural, right? It’s not like we are shipping them with each other. But we would really like to see them working together in a TV show or movie.

Some Details About Jisoo Getting The Role In ‘Snowdrop’

It’s not going to be the first time when Kim-Ji-Soo aka Jisoo will work in a show. Jisoo starred in the first season of Netflix’s Arthdal Chronicles as ‘Saenarae‘. The shoot of the second season is currently on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Jisoo also appeared in two episodes of ‘The Producers’. And now you will be seeing her in ‘Snowdrop’ really soon. Though we still have no idea if the Blackpink diva is going to act in a lead role. But we are already really excited about her role in ‘Snowdrop’.

Hopefully, this drama is going to be super dreamy and full of romance. The director ‘Jo Hyun-Tak’ and writer ‘Yoo Hyun-Mi’ haven’t announced the plot and cast of the drama. So all we can do is just for official statements from the show makers or Jisoo herself.

It’s been four years since Jisoo joined the ‘Blackpink’. Recently, they released a pre-single ‘How You Like That‘ in June.  And it has about 435 million views on YouTube.

Blackpink is also doing a surprise collaboration which will be the second single from their upcoming album. We also can’t forget their collaboration from earlier this year with Lady Gaga.

And this time some reports are saying that Blackpink is doing a collaboration with ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants Singer’, Selena Gomez. I hope this is not a rumor.

That’s it for today guys, Stay tuned for more updates on the Blackpink girls.