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Dixie & Charli D’Amelio talk about BTS in their ‘2 Chix’ podcast

So you guys obviously don’t need an introduction of Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. The duo got recognized through the Hype House platform. And then later left it because it was becoming more of a business place rather than a content creating house. Charli and Dixie later joined hands with Morphe for their all-natural makeup line ‘Morphe 2‘. They are also close friends with beauty guru James Charles and have appeared on his channel for a beauty battle.

Dixie has recently released the official remix music video of her first single ‘Be Happy’ along with Blackbear and Lil Mosey. Noah Beck played the part of Dixie’s lover in the music video. Oh, and the fun part is that right after five days of this music video premiere, Noah popped the question and Dixie obviously couldn’t say no.

Charli on the other hand joined hands with Dunkin Donuts rather than Lil Huddy. She even has her own drink ‘The Charli’ on the menu which is a very big deal. Dixie and the D’Amelios also have their talk shows on YouTube. And recently both the sisters started their own podcast with the name of ‘2 Chix’. Apart from this, both the sisters have worked with a couple of famous brands. Anyways, let’s dig in their latest podcast and see what these two Chix are sharing with their listeners.

Dixie and Charli talk about BTS in their 2 Chix podcast

So we are not the only ones who gush over the famous K-Pop band ‘BTS’. I got confused for a second when I heard that part where Dixie is talking about BTS in the first episode of the 2 Chix podcast. Because the other day, I was going through some TikTok drama page which posted a clip from the podcast and wrote Charli’s name under it.

I got confused because every single dancer on this planet knows about the K-pop band ‘BTS’.

“Dixie: I actually started listening to BTS and K-Pop once I started social media. I didn’t even know about that side. Lil Huddy introduced me.”

Though Charli on the other hand is totally fangirling over the K-Pop band just like us. (hehe)

“I mean, I have already listened to a lot of BTS just because my friends like K-Pop a lot. And I think the craziest thing is how they can make every single dance move that they do look so smooth while singing. As a group thinking how they are such amazing singers but then they can also perform and dance at the same time.”

The very talented Tiktok star further added that she admires the K-Pop band for making their performances look so effortless. They are truly amazing singers and dancers.

I think we all obsess over their singing, dancing, and their amazing dressing sense. Last but not the least, nobody can pull off the funky hair colors and styles better than the BTS boys, right?

Maybe one day we will be seeing a virtual collab between the 2 Chix and the BTS boys. That would be so cool. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we get to see something amazing from the very talented dancers and singers.