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David Dobrik becomes most generous YouTuber amid pandemic

David Dobrik becomes most generous YouTuber amid pandemic

All right so, amidst this time of chaos and uncertainty, we can use all the generosity and happiness we can find. The world is busy giving to help those affected by lockdown and COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). And it is honestly heartwarming. But today, let us talk about another heartwarming human who we find just as lovable with or without his recent act of selfless generosity. The Vlog Squad member and goofy YouTuber, David Dobrik. Recently, David Dobrik was called the most generous YouTuber. And with good reason too! He has donated over $10,000 to fans who are affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. So, around 10 days ago, David Dobrik posts on his Twitter account:

Hi guys!! I wanna help some more people out rather than just sending out venmos!! Shoot me a text and ill text you back how i want to help: 8472509391

David Dobrik generously donates $10,000 to fans affected by COVID-19.

David Dobrik Generous

After making a joke about hooking up with assistant Natalie, David Dobrik reveals that he has partnered up with EA to help fans who have talked about life being hard with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“I’ve gotten a lot of messages from you guys that have been affected by all this corona stuff and it sucks, and I really wanted to see if I can help, so I’ve partnered up with my friends at EA and we did just that.

This video is honestly everything we need in these trying times. David Dobrik, without a doubt, the most generous YouTuber after doing this for the people. He donated iPads, Xboxes, PS4s, and frisbees with money taped to the bottom of them.  And you might think that that is where it ends. But no. David also gave cars AND some lucky viewers even received cheques for $10,000!

You just have to watch the video to see the reactions by the fans to David Dobrik’s generosity. But before you do that, be sure you’re stocked up on tissue!