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Ian Somerhalder Net worth in 2020

Ian Somerhalder Net worth in 2020

Our hot-shot stud Ian Somerhalder has fast become a family guy in the last 3 years. Gone are his days of romancing the women around in The Vampire Diaries. In its place, we most recently saw a scientist in a battle against his best friend to protect his family in the V Wars. To assess Ian Somerhalder’s net worth, let’s first look into his career.

Ian Somerhalder Career Highlights

His career dates back all the way back to 1988. At the age of 10, Ian modeled in a couple of campaigns until he turned 13. After that, he took acting up when he turned 17. Ever since then, the teenager turned into one of the hottest TV personalities to exist. He starred as a human on The Rules of Attraction. After that, in 2004, Ian began his role as a Vampire.

The series Lost features him as Boone Carlyle, a character that dies in the first season. But, not to worry as the character appears several times in the seasons afterward. Perhaps Ian’s most iconic role to this day is Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. The character certainly contributes to Ian Somerhalder’s net worth the most. He plays the hot vampire in love with his brother’s girl. And, in the end, gets the girl. The show is basically just an entire series on how Damon Salvatore, the lustrous vampire, turns into a big human cuddle bear for the love of his life, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev).

After Vampire Diaries, we see the same change in Somerhalder in his real-life too. With wife Nikki Reed, Ian leaves his vampire days behind to fight on the human team in V Wars.

Ian Somerhalder’s Net Worth in 2020

The man is an exception entrepreneur, father, and husband. Without further ado, here is Ian Somerhalder’s Net Worth in 2020 according to :$8 Million.

His net worth has been constant for the last 2 years and we believe his entrepreneurial ventures may have a lot to do with that. His charity foundations aside, Ian Somerhalder has a bourbon brand with TVD co-star Paul Wesley.