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Jon Cryer talks about working with Charlie Sheen

Jon Cryer talks about working with Charlie Sheen

Jon Cryer,star on one of TV's most successful shows, recalls his time spent at the show with Sheen. And with difficult days there were goods days too he says

Hit TV series, Two And A Half Men’s star, Jon Cryer looks back at his time spend while the show was airing. CBS hit TV show made a lot of noise and earned a huge number of fan following. The show’s star Jon Cryer recalls his time spent with co-star Charlie Sheen. And admits it was great!

Speaking to Lola Ogunnaike, People TV’s host, he recalls that contrary to the way his relationship ended with Sheen, anytime he looks back he is only nostalgic over the great memories with co-star Charlie Sheen. Moreover, Jon Cryer has very fond memories with him during the early seasons of the show.

He shared with Lola:

“Charlie and I really hit it off. We had a great first few years on that show. It was incredibly smooth, we had a lovely time, it was working really well.”

What Cryer believes brought about poor behavior by Sheen

According to EW, the burst of rebellious behavior and misconduct by Charlie was a result of his marriage dissolving with Denise Richards. He began acting out ever since the divorce claims Cryer. He also said:

“At first he could handle it, and he was still incredibly professional — and still lovely, by the way, to everybody on set — but you could just see that stuff was wearing on him.”

In 2011, Charlie Sheen was let go from one of TV’s most top-rated shows. And he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. After he left the show, he made offensive remarks about the shows’ creator, Chuck Lorre. And he was also found abusing drugs. And all of this caught a lot of media attention at that time.

Cryer recalls his experience of working on the show during that time “crazy”. He recalls that it was one of the first internet s—storms. And it weighed heavily on all their jobs too. He continued to explain:

“[there were] aspects of it that I absolutely hated, but you know, I’m thankful for the years that were great.”