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Corinna Kopf spills the tea on dating David Dobrik

The vlog squad leader David Dobrik has returned to the internet, even after multiple controversies. After apologizing and taking some time off the internet, Dobrik resumes his career as a vlogger and internet entertainer. As for the rest of his gang, they were already active on social media. One member in particular, Corinna Kopf, made headlines by sharing teasers that Dobrik would return.

Moreover, she also recently shared an interesting piece of information regarding her romantic life. What got fans more excited was the fact that she revealed if she and David Dobrik ever had anything romantic going on.

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So, what’s the tea? Have David Dobrik and Corinna Kopf ever dated?!

Well, no. The two didn’t have anything romantic going on between each other. But they did share one kiss though. On Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ Podcast, Corinna Kopf shared regarding David Dobrik:

“I mean, we’ve never had s*x. We’ve never done anything like – like I think the internet knows that we kissed one time way back in his apartment.”

When Logan Paul asked if the kiss meant anything for them, Corinna Kopf replied that it didn’t. Even though there was no romantic feelings towards each other, the pair are the best of friends. Kopf happens to be one of the first OG members of the Vlog Squad crew, so they definitely are pretty close.

Even though Corinna and David have not dated each other, they have dated other vlog squad members.

For several years, David Dobrik was in a serious relationship with Liza Koshy. They started officially dating in late 2015 but broke up in June of 2018. The break-up was on good terms and two remained close friends. While Liza was David’s girlfriend, she was an important member of the vlog squad.

And as for Corinna Kopf, she dated vlog squad member Toddy Smith from 2017 to 2018. After breaking up with Toddy Smith, Corinna was romantically linked with Turner Tenney also known as Tfue and Adin Ross. Moreover, the influencer also revealed that she has hooked up with Logan Paul, but it was more of a ‘no strings attached’ situation.

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