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Fans accuse Shane Dawson of “cash grab” after donating makeup

Ryland Adams recently posted a picture in which Shane Dawson showed he has large boxes of makeup. fans think that Shane is using makeup as a cash grab.

Shane Dawson donated large boxes of makeup to the charity recently. Shane’s partner posted a video on his YouTube channel which shows large boxes in their house. However, instead of praise, the fans accused him of using makeup as a ‘cash grab’ to get views.

Shane Dawson and his partner, Ryland Adams, both have their own YouTube channels. They post random videos on the YouTube channels and vlogs as well. Recently Shane’s partner posted a vlog on his channel in which they showed the viewers their house as they cleared out their closets. In the video, Shane discussed how he still gets makeup from his friends like Jeffree Star, and at the end, Shane shows his makeup collection behind the camera.

In the same video, Shane shows one large bag and two full boxes and says that they are going to charity. His partner then estimates that one box weighs approximately 60 pounds and the other weighs 70-80 pounds. But, this video did not go without controversy.

Fans accuse Shane Dawson of ‘Cash Grab’

Fans accuse Shane Dawson of "cash grab" after donating makeup

We all know that Shane has been off of YouTube for a while. There were a lot of scandals a year ago involving Shane and that is how he lost many YouTube subscribers and pretty much got cancelled on social media. But, influencers can’t stay away from YouTube for long, Shane might want his subscribers back now since it has been a long time. He is seen in many videos with his partner but he has not started posting on his own YouTube channel yet. The last video he posted was titled ‘Taking Accountability,’ in which he addressed the scandals he was embroiled in.

After the makeup video went viral, people started accusing Shane of a ‘cash grab’. Fans said that Shane is only using makeup to get views on his videos. People think that Shane Dawson only made this video for money as he never wears makeup himself, highlighting that in their replies:

However, there were some people who appreciated Shane as well. They said that it’s a good thing that the makeup is getting donated.

People also said that it is a good thing Shane is donating makeup that he will never use.

So, it’s safe to say that the opinion on Shane Dawson’s makeup donation is somewhat divided. What do you think, is it a publicity stunt or a genuine act of philanthropy? Let us know in the comments below.