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Colleen Ballinger Opens Up about her Wedding to Erik Stocklin

YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger, better known as Miranda Sings married American actor, Erik Stocklin in 2018. However, unlike her very public first wedding to Joshua D. Evans, we know little to nothing about this one. Well, except for the fact that it happened while Colleen was pregnant with baby, Flynn. Although, in a Colleen’s Corner video on 17th December, Colleen Ballinger opened up about her wedding.

Colleen Ballinger

The truth about Colleen Ballinger’s wedding

So, Colleen met Erik Stocklin when he came to audition for her Netflix show, ‘Haters Back Off’. Erik has featured on many TV Shows before come to audition for the Miranda Sings TV Comedy. He has been in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘The Stalker’ and other household TV series names.

The couple announced that they were dating in June 2018. However, they also acknowledged that they had been together for a while. This became obvious once Colleen told that she was pregnant with their child, Flynn. He was born in December of 2018.

When talking about her relationship, Colleen Ballinger said

It was really just a friendship story that turned into more

Colleen talked about her wedding and said that they had her brother’s children plan out the very small gathering held in her home. They had their direct family involved in the gathering. Colleen Ballinger also posted a few pictures of the couple together in the video.

We got married in my house. It was a sweet, simple day with just our immediate family. It was so cute and beautiful. We actually didn’t plan it. We let the kids in my family plan it.

-So the kids planned the wedding. They did everything and it was hilarious! It was so funny. They picked out my outfit. They picked out the music (and) they wrote the vows!

That is so cute. Even we have to admit.

Since her wedding, Colleen Ballinger has shared quite a few of her family pictures and let me just tell you, THEY ARE ADORABLE.

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