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Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes have their First Photoshoot

Our Make-up guru YouTuber, Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has been dating fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes (pointless blog) since forever. The couple got together in October 2012 and have been inseparable since. Isn’t that adorable? The two do literally everything together. However, it wasn’t until recently that the couple had their first ever exclusive couple’s photoshoot.

Alfie Deyes was ever-excited for the shoot with girlfriend Zoella as he posted on Instagram.

Aren’t they cute? We were surprised that the two have never had a professional shoot done. You know, with all the YouTube vlogging and being together for 7 years thing.

Alfie and Zoey’s picture-perfect moments over the years

The two have definitely had some adorable insta-perfect clicks over the years but as Alfie mentioned in the caption, the couple always had their friends click their pictures or they took selfies together.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of the two from over the years.

This is so cute!

Okay, the caption on this is just adorable.

This one is from Zoella’s Colourpop collection.

Okay back on track, this could go on for a while

The couple got together with Brandon Woelfel in New York for the photoshoot. Brandon is known for the creative utilization of lights into the pictures he clicks.

Zoe herself posted another shoot picture to her Instagram and called Brandon a “Photographic Magician”.

Brandon posted the picture on his Instagram with the caption;

“Til you made it seem so easy 🌠”

And to all Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes fans, that is just the cutest caption ever. Not to mention how happy they are at the two of them finally doing a photoshoot together.

With so many fans wondering when the two will get married, every little couple moment the two have means a lot to them. The two share the most perfect couple’s posts and are just adorable!

Happy Holidays to them, for sure!