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Chelsea 'Gina' Peretti To Mark Her Return On Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 With Melissa Fumero's Directional Debut

Chelsea Peretti Returns to Brooklyn 99 With Melissa Fumero As Director

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 is ready to hurl out some joy from its basket of love this Thursday. The Queen (read: Chelsea Peretti) will grace the show for the first time as a guest star, and this will happen only in the episode that also marks the directional debut of the show’s lead star, Melissa Fumero.

The rhythm-infused Gina Linetti will walk back to the precinct after being away for months, mostly out of the fulfillment of the vow Peretti made when she announced her departure from TV’s silliest comedy.

Why Did Chelsea Peretti Quit Brooklyn Nine Nine In The First Place

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Peretti left the show only as a regular. She remained careful not to rule out the opportunity to be back on the show when she wished. While announcing her exit, Peretti; in fact, confirmed that she would be a part of Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 during its inaugural episodes. And even after that, she would not halt her occasional appearances on the show.

And What Exactly Has Gina Been Up To All This Time?

The wait to find out what Gina has been up to isn’t that long. Chelsea will pop up on Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 again on the episode scheduled to air on May, 2nd. Not only will the episode disclose what’s been keeping Gina busy, but it will also contain an intriguing twist that will redefine Gina’s equation with her former colleagues. Is Gina involved in some business that the NYPD would disapprove of? Or has she sided with The Vulture? These conundrums will only be decoded once the episode is on-air until then there are a lot of other things going on with Brooklyn Nine Season 6 that we must talk about. Brooklyn 99 Season 6 watch online

Melissa Fumero To Direct Gina’s Return On Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6

Fumero, better recognized as the assertive Amy, is evidently ecstatic about her new job on the show. Fumero recollects her memories from the show’s beginning and her time spent with Peretti as she calls upon viewers to tune into her directional debut this Thursday. Chelsea peretti leaves Brooklyn 99, Chelsea peretti back on Brooklyn 99