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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Release Date Confirmed on NBC

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Attention folks! Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 finally has a release date. After Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by Fox and then miraculously picked up by NBC, fans have been waiting for the release date. We got a hilarious promo but no date. Now, we finally do! Mark your calendars for January 10th, 2019! It’ll be available to stream on that date and occupy the 9/8 c time slot. This means that the current show holding that time, Will and Grace, will be bumped up to 9:30.

Shift in Time Schedule for NBC

The time slot Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be holding is currently held by the show Will and Grace. But fret not, Will and Grace fans, for the show will be merely bumped up to 9.30 PM. Though, the season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 will be followed by an all new episode of The Good Place at 9.30 PM. The scheduling will stay this way until The Good Place has its season finale on 24th January. Meanwhile, I Feel Bad, a sitcom with barely a similar cult following as these shows will currently air at 9:30 PM and its first season will wrap up around December. Thereby, making plenty of time for these other shows that we’re desperately waiting for.

What To Expect From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Number of Episodes

To much dismay, Brooklyn Nine-Nine won’t have 22-23 episodes this season like we’re accustomed to. But we are getting 18 whole episodes! Initially it was just going to be 13 but looks like we got our Christmas present earlier this year.

Though, Melissa Fumero, actor who plays Amy Santiago, expressed gratitude to NBC on Instagram, saying she was glad they could have the chance to give this show a final season it deserved. However her co-star Andy Samberg, Detective Jake Peralta doesn’t believe that this will be the last season. It’s not set in stone but our favorite detective is trying to be confident and so are we!


Cast Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

We will see our favorite cast members back on their whimsical adventures along with heartfelt moments that made us fall in love with this show in the first place. However, the actress Chelsea Peretti, who plays Gina, or in her words the “human equivalent of a 100 emoji”, won’t be attending the full season. In a statement on twitter, the actress made this disappointing announcement:

It’s sad to see her go but hopefully she’ll come back for a special Halloween heist episode!

Plot line?

The season 5 of the show ended on the wedding of Jake and Amy which got derailed due to a bomb threat. Captain Holt was back but fans are still unsure if our favorite captain will become our favorite fictitious commissioner. The grave face always held in place by the talented actor Andre Braugher didn’t give us any clues either. So, we’ll probably find out what happens in the next season.

Furthermore, Rosa came out as bi-sexual in the last season which came as a pleasant surprise to many! We’re probably going to witness Rosa’s relationship blossom further with actress Gina Rodriguez, who plays her girlfriend Alicia. The creator Dan Goor also teased that we’ll finally get to see if Kelly is Scully’s wife or dog! Plus, we’re told we’re going to get an episode focused entirely on Scully and Hitchcock! Another important story that we’ll be getting is going to focus on #MeToo, especially since the actor on the show Terry Crews came out and talked about his sexual assault this year. Hopefully, they’ll handle this episode with care like the folks over at Will and Grace did. And to add to the whole excitement, Stephanie Beatriz announced that she will be directing an episode in the up-coming season!

Will it be the Final Season?

No one knows that for sure. But the creators aren’t taking any chances this time. God forbid this show gets cancelled again, the creators want to give a proper farewell to the show. Dan Goor explains,

“We want to write a season finale that would be satisfying as a series finale and would also serve us well should we come back. We’ve learned we’ll never again do the kind of cliffhangers we did after seasons two, three and four because were we to be cancelled after those seasons, I think it would have been really disappointing for our fans.”

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will surely be worth the wait!

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