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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6: Separation On The Cards For Kevin and Raymond?

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Good and only good has happened to Brooklyn Nine Nine ever since it has shifted base from Fox to NBC. The ratings are better, Hitchcock and Scully are finally series regulars, critics are in more of the show than ever before, Eugene Lee Yang was on the show, and the show had a brilliant #MeToo episode. Much like the series’ earlier installments, Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 too has its own bouquet of endless surprises, a kind sanctuary that hurls hearty and humorous surprises at us. Bearing in mind the Brooklyn praxis, fans must prepare for yet another joyful watch as the show airs its 13th episode tomorrow.

The Bimbo’ will feature the seasoned Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin Cozner. He plays Captain Holt’s husband and his past appearances has always been amusing. But this time, things might be a little different.

Kevin Cozner Brings Some Trouble to Brooklyn Nine Nine

On Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 this Thursday, Kevin Cozner will appear before Jake in the bathroom requesting police intervention into the case of missing gold coins at his Classics Department in Columbia. The real bummer amid all the glee comes off as Jake’s dilemma.  Jake, as well as we the audience, are completely clueless as to why Kevin brought up the issue only to him and not Kevin.

Are the beloved couple of the show headed for a divorce? Unfortunately, it might be the case since things aren’t looking good for Captain Holt and Kevin. The couple has had its struggles. But through it all their love for each other never wavered. That might be changing now.

Marc Evan Jackson And His Comedies Over The Time

Aside from recurring on Brooklyn Nine Nine, Marc Evan Jackson often appears as the notorious Shawn on NBC’s afterlife comedy The Good Place. A fine demonstration of Jackson’s comedic flair has mirrored in his guest appearances on several knockout comedies including Glow, Parks and Recreations, Another Period, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Better Call Saul and Black-ish.  But among all the shows that the actor has recurred in,  Brooklyn Nine Nine has featured Jackson in the largest proportion.

Joe Lu Truglio To Direct Brooklyn’s Upcoming Episode

The upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 isn’t just special because it has a bearded Kevin Cozner in it. In fact, The Bimbo will be the first episode of the series that will feature Joe Lu Truglio as its director. The latest season of Brooklyn has seen several of its actors sport the director’s hat. Stephanie Beatriz had directed the 8th episode of the season, while Melissa Fumero will step into the director’s shoes for the season’s 15th episode, ‘Return Of The King’. Fumero will thus handle the comeback of Chelsea Peretti on the show, this time; however, as a guest.

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