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Emilia Clarke's Brother Bennet Clarke Is A Cameraman On Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke’s Brother Bennet Clarke Is A Cameraman On Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) has done some romantic scenes multiple men over the course of Game of Thrones: Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis), and recently Kit Harrington (Jon Snow). Doing any romantic scene with Harrington was particularly hard for Clarke since the two are actually really good friends in real life. What’s more is that Harrington’s wife, who happened to be Rose Leslie (Ygritte), a previous love interest of Jon Snow is also close friends with the two. But this is not the only awkward thing for Emilia Clarke on set.

It turns out that her elder brother Bennet Clarke has become a cameraman of the TV show Game of Thrones. It’s quite easy to imagine the level of awkwardness that Clarke would feel while shooting an intimate scene with the actor.

Having A Brother On The Shoot Is Not Always Fun

Bennet Clarke is a camera assistant on the sets of Game of Thrones. She had to steer him away from the set whenever she was shooting romantic scenes with Kit Harrington. She revealed this information on her recent shoot of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Clarke says Bennet would tease her during the shoots saying “Oh, I’ll swing by”. Which she really was never in favor of as it would have made things more awkward if Bennet actually had to shoot her romantic scenes. When Jimmy Kimmel asked her who would be more embarrassed if they were to work on those scenes together? She said with laughter:

Definitely Him.

Going Behind The Scenes With Bennet Clarke

Bennet Clarke does not have many collections of photos on his Instagram profile however there are some amazing photos of the Game of Thrones Set. The senior Clarke shared a fun fact that The Red Dragon cameras given to Game of Thrones are named after Danny’s dragons.

He also shared a behind the scenes picture of Day 1 shoot for season 8.

However, there is only one picture of Emilia Clarke shared by him: