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Charli D’Amelio apologizes to Chase Hudson & Nessa Barrett

The TikTok community faced the biggest drama in its history just a couple of days ago. It broke the internet due to the people involved in the drama have a huge number of followers. Sway House boys unfollowed the “fake people” in their life, that led to Chase Hudson tweeting that he is facing the hatred because he kissed Nessa Barrett. He later exposed all the guys of the sway house, as a clap back for the tweets they were constantly posting. Charli D’Amelio also entered the club and tweeted at Chase to confess his own mistakes instead of calling out everyone else. Though the drama is over now, the fans are still posting hate comments on Chase Hudson & Nessa Barrett’s social media handles. And Charli has apologized for it.

Charli D’Amelio goes live & discusses Chase Hudson

As Chase Hudson confirmed in his now-deleted tweet, he kissed Nessa when he was single. That is, probably after their break up. On the other hand, Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards were also going through some trouble in their relationship before they broke up as well. It is still unclear when the “kissing” scene happened. Fans were calling out Chase for breaking the bro code and going for Josh’s ex-girlfriend.

One thing we all know is that Charli D’Amelio never gets involved in drama online. She mostly deals with it off-the-screen. But when she called out Chase for his tweets as things were heated up, the fans got involved to avenge her. And that not sit well with her. Seeing all the hatred being thrown at Chase & Nessa, Charli finally went live on her Instagram to address the whole issue.

I still love Chase from the bottom of my heart, no matter what has happened.

She further asked her fans not to hate anyone for their mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.

Chase and I had a very long talk yesterday. And we both realized that we are just not right for each other.

…and apologizes to Nessa Barrett & Lil Huddy

Charli D’Amelio apologized to everyone for doing what she did online. She also asked her fans not to handle the problems like she did. Charli also apologized to Nessa and Chase aka Lil Huddy:

Nessa, sorry that you are getting hate. You seem like a very sweet girl. And I’m very very sorry about that. Chase, I’m very sorry that you’re getting hate. You do not deserve to be told the awful things that people are telling you to do. You’ll always hold a very very special place in my heart.

Charli D’Amelio also confessed that she let her twitter fingers get the best of her. She asked her fans not to send hate towards others and ask them to kill themselves, that’s not okay.

Charli has dealt with the things maturely and she says she is dealing it offline. She further asked her fans to focus on Black Lives Matter campaign, the Yemen crisis and everything else that’s happening in the world. Be kinder to each other.