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Did Jeffree Star make Ex Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt sign an NDA?

As we all know that Jeffree Star parted ways with his long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in early January. The beauty guru even posted a video on his YouTube channel to announce the news of his break up publicly. Jeffree has even addressed his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt a couple of times in his videos and indirectly shaded him.

But we have not even once heard anything from Nathan Schwandt’s side. He is keeping his private life private. And he has not even made any comments about his breakup with Jeffree. So I guess we are never going to hear his side of the story. A lot of fans are also speculating that the reason for Nathan’s silence could be an NDA.

Pre and post Breakup History Of Jeffree Star And Nathan Schwandt

There are a lot of people out there who still don’t know anything about the couple’s dating history. Nathan slid into Jeffree’s DMs and both him and Jeffree liked each other. He flew all the way from Michigan to L.A just to see his boo. They used to fly back and forth to see each other and then Nathan finally moved to L.A. And started working at Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ warehouse.

Nathan helped Jeffree with his Cosmetic line, Marijuana & Clothing business. And he was the one who pushed Jeffree into making his very own YouTube makeup channel. Everything was going alright but then last year Jeffree lost two of his dogs. His mother and grandma were not in really good health. And Nate’s grandpa’s absence made him a little blank from inside.

Nate was even there when the whole James Charles x Tati Westbrook, and Manny Mua’s Drama started on the internet. He was always there for Jeffree no matter what. Both of them were so busy helping each other out they didn’t even have any time for themselves.

So at the beginning of this year, Jeffree announced the news of his breakup with Nathan in a YouTube Video after moving to his million dollars mansion.

Jeffree Star shades ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt

The couple had a very non-dramatic breakup. But things soon changed when Jeffree changed the caption of one of his YouTube videos. In which he surprises Nathan with his dream car, ‘an Aston Martin’. Well, he was surprising Nate with his dream car, but after the smooth breakup, he explained that the Aston Martin was actually his dream car. And it will always belong to him. And he is not going to give it back to Nathan.

Let me add one more thing here. The comments have been turned off on this video for a few weeks.

He mentioned in one of his post-breakup videos:

“There is a lot of dark and ugly stuff happening behind the scenes since the breakup. And I have been devastated. Honestly, I don’t want to say that because I am afraid……

Even legally for my protection, I don’t want to say anything so I have been depressed”.

Fans think Jeffree made Nathan sign an NDA

So Jeffree has addressed the breakup a couple of times. And he has also thrown a little shade at Nate. He even dropped some hints regarding some legal issues. Now we are not aware of why Jeffree is talking about legal issues and everything.

Nathan on the other hand likes to stay quiet. He is staying silent and taking all the hate comments from Jeffree Star fans. Who think Nathan was with Jeffree just because of the sake of his money. But Nate started dating Jeffree when he was practically nothing.

Some fans even think that Jeffree made Nathan sign an NDA. And now that the almost five-year relationship is over, Nathan has to stay quiet for the rest of his life. But what if Nate actually wants to stay away from all the drama.

The Jeffree star fans post hate comments on Nate’s social media almost every day. We don’t know if Jeffree made him sign some legal documentation or not. But what we can at least do is mind our business. And pray that may everything go back to normal like real soon.