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Celebrity Feud? Lloyd Kaufman Shades Tom Hanks And His Pay

Celebrity Feud? Lloyd Kaufman Shades Tom Hanks And His Pay

Is there a new celebrity feud in the making? Because the ‘Toxic Avenger’ director Lloyd Kaufman just flung a shady tweet at Tom Hanks. The 74-year-old actor-director, who gained specific attention for backing James Gun after his firing, has targeted the Forest Gump star on Twitter. And it appears that the situation may soon escalate into a social-media disaster. On March 12, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson became the first Hollywood celebrities to test positive for COVID-19. The couple spent weeks in isolation in a hospital in Queensland Australia. Although they have recovered from the deadly virus, Hanks and Wilson continue to attract media attention.

Celebrity Feud: Tom Hanks Vs. Lloyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman, the prolific founder of Troma Entertainment has a reputation for tweeting hysterical jokes. Even in these dire times, Kaufman is keeping his Twitter following entertained with hilarious takes on Netflix’s Tiger King. However, amid all the jokes and fun, the Tromeo and Juliet director made a sarcastic remark over celebrity pays, without shying away from being too specific.

While Kaufman meant well, the paradox in is tweet was fairly discernible. His fans were also quick to notice the shade, they quickly retweeted the message anticipating a reply.

Kaufman dragged Tom Hanks into his statement about a post-pandemic world. He pointed out that teaching and nursing were underpaid professions, while celebrities turned in huge sums.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Recover From The Coronavirus

Tom Hanks recently spoke about his brush with coronavirus. He mentioned that he was generally exhausted during the illness, while his wife Rita Wilson had a more symptomatic case. She was nauseous, achy, and had a high-grade fever. After the couple recovered, they returned to their home in Los Angeles towards the end of March. Currently, Hanks and Wilson have donated their blood to facilitate coronavirus vaccine research.