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How TikTok Sensation Charli D’Amelio Makes Her Millions

Charli D’Amelio is a TikTok legend. She has millions of followers and has inspired many to recreate her dance moves. The growing number of fans isn’t the only achievement, she’s making a lot of money from it as well. Here’s how Charli makes her millions.

How Charli D’Amelio Earns her money

A 15-year-old social media sensation might’ve thought of making it big someday but not so fast. In August of last year, she celebrated reaching 100,000 TikTok followers. Just 6 months later, the count went up to a whopping 5 million.

One of the initial Charli D’Amelio viral TikTok videos was with an influencer named move_with_joy. However, dancing to the song Lottery aka Renegade is what she’s mostly known for. Her Renegade video became a viral trend in no time and saw people from around the world copying her moves.

It’s not just the fame she’s enjoying but the teenager is also making a lot of money too. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Charli D’Amelia’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million. Now, you might be thinking how can her net worth went up to $3 million in such a short time. Well, there are a ton of ways you can money online when you’re this famous.

The Chinese video-sharing app doesn’t really help you make money online directly but with following like DAmelia’s, sponsors are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single TikTok post. According to some reports, Charli makes over $23,000 for one sponsored post. You can do the rest of the math.

Her YouTube has around $3 million subscribers and because her content is monetized, a video with over 7 million views can increase her bank account by another $80,000. Other than that, during the 2020 SuperBowl, a cameo in Sabra Hummus commercial helped her score around $1 million for her appearance.

That’s not all though, Charli D’Amelio merch is another stream of regular income. Damelio merch costs from $20 to $90 per item and the fans who love her want a piece of her in the form of a pillow, mobile case, and more in their homes. The teen TikTok sensation has achieved success in a short span and it won’t be a surprise to see her ruling the entertainment industry one day.