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Rita Wilson Delivers Performance After Fully Recovering From COVID-19

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Almost four weeks after battling coronavirus with her husband Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson returns for performance. The singer-actress made an appearance at the NASCAR’s iRacing event on Sunday to sing the country’s national anthem. Wearing a pink glittery jacket with open frilly hair Wilson looked fresh as ever. She tested positive in Australia alongside Hanks who was there to shoot his upcoming biopic of Elvis Presley. While the couple has fortunately recovered, around 73,000 have died from the COVID-19 disease.

Rita Wilson’s Performance for NASCAR Event

With just a guitar track accompanying Rita Wilson on her performance, the actress sang in a beautiful voice, the national anthem. This was a bright change from her recent Hip Hop Hooray performance she gave us on her Instagram. According to event announcers, Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon, Wilson’s son, Truman Hanks, was filming her sing The Star-Spangled Banner. This is the third virtual race for NASCAR, majorly thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

You can watch Rita Wilson’s performance below:


NASCAR found a brilliant solution to the lockdown and quarantine which the government has set up to flatten the curve of coronavirus. Drivers are competing virtually with each other through racing simulators. This is similar to how things are in an arcade racing game, but with very professional gears. So far, the trick to continue with the competition is working, bringing more than 1 million viewers and more to come in the future.

For NASCAR viewers and drivers, perhaps Rita Wilson’s performance after surviving COVID-19 offered a ray of hope. One of the fans even commented, “thanks for a small glimmer of hope, seeing and hearing you feeling better”.

It was a few weeks ago when Hanks and Wilson announced that they were going into quarantine after discharging from the hospital. Later, the couple announced that they were returning home. In a post published by the singer, she urged the viewers to acknowledge the amazing creation of a human body and to thank it.

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