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Jeffree Star breaks silence on James Charles, Tati Westbrook & his past

OMG! I just cannot believe my eyes. I think I am daydreaming at the moment. Jeffree Star has finally managed to come out of the shell. And speak about the BEAUTY COMMUNITY DRAMA which has made 2020 even worse. For all those people who still don’t know the whole beauty community drama, they need to read these articles. First, there were just speculations about Jeffree’s behavior, then Tati confirmed things with her video.

I swear I feel so nervous at the moment. Jeffree Star has been partially MIA from the past two weeks. He last posted a makeup video with his new boyfriend ‘Jozea Rose’. And a picture in which he mentioned that he is taking his grandma on a surprise birthday trip. And right after two days, Tati Westbrook made a video regarding the whole Tati x James Charles x Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star drama. Shane responded to her video and since then he is getting a lot of heat from the fans. James Charles just said he wanted to stay out of the drama. And Jeffree Star planned to hide in his million-dollar mansion.

Jeffree Star Finally

Damn! As we all know that Jeffree was staying quiet from the past 2 weeks. He was not posting anything on his social media. But he appeared in his friends’ Instagram Stories and was also liking their pictures. And he has finally posted a video on his YouTube channel a couple of minutes ago.

“Now I have been silent for a very long time. And I know that’s very rare of me. I have taken a lot of time to do a lot of self reflection. Now In the past, I have been very guilty of speaking out of anger, out of frustration, out of my emotions. I am so quick to grab my phone and just say whatever comes to my mind at that moment.”

He further mentioned that he has been very embarrassed by his behavior in the past. Though he has taken a lot of time to come to this realization that he has done so many wrong things in the past.

And he finally wants to start a new chapter in his life. Umm, hold on. I don’t mean to sound rude or something. But Jeffree started a new chapter after his break up with long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

Anyways, coming back to the point, Jeffree referred to himself by saying:

‘Why do I do certain things and why I do the things that I do. And today, there are no excuses. A year ago I made this video about ‘NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN’ and I meant that. 2020 has been crazy and I am added to that chaos.”

Jeffree Star Is Not Here To Expose Anyone

Umm, well. That’s a really good start to the new chapter.

“Today, once again, I will not be exposing anyone. For everyone saying Jeffree is going to come with the receipts. And we all need to get ready to forgive, that is the opposite of who I am.”

He further added that he won’t talk about all the alleged text messages out there but he won’t be talking about any of them. As his lawyers are already dealing with this kind of stuff behind the scenes.

“Today there are no excuses. I am someone that has impulse control… I know there is a lot of people waiting for me to address this situation. Now, I didn’t try to take anyone down. I am not a villain in a movie. this isn’t a Netflix series with a crazy storyline. But it sounds like it.”

Jeffree is really speaking his heart out with fans.

“When someone else tries to take someone else down or their career and it doesn’t work. And take a few more down with you. That’s not how life works. He all have to take accountability for our own actions and no one else’s. And that’s what I will continue to do. And if I don’t, please f*cking remind me.”

OMG! Jeffree Star just apologized to James Charles for his past actions and behavior. And he further added that he feels extremely embarrassed for not calling James Charles and asking him about the whole situation.

Jeffree Wants Fans To Focus On Bigger Issues

It takes a lot of b*lls to come out and talk about all the mistakes you have done in your past. But he is here today to admit those mistakes and come out with a solution.

“2020 has been a very crazy year. And I think that James and myself and anyone involved would agree with me. There are way bigger issues happening on this planet. I know that some people may say Jeffree, you’re just saying this for distraction. No, the reality is here. And makeup drama and beauty community gossip and tea.”

He talked about all the Black people who are being murdered and nobody is talking about them. Everybody should talk about how justice should be served to them, saying we should all focus more on Black Lives Matter movement.

At the end of the video, Jeffree thanked all the millions of people out there for dropping him DMs and asking about his well being. And that he will be joining us all on social media real soon with more makeup videos and reviews.

Peace out!