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Andrew Schulz applauds Joe Rogan for slamming Neil deGrasse Tyson

Andrew Schulz applauds Joe Rogan for slamming Neil deGrasse Tyson

Andrew Schulz applauds Joe Rogan for putting Neil DeGrasse Tyson in his place after he was being dismissive and condescending.

Comedian Andrew Schulz recently praised podcast host Joe Rogan for slamming astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson when he appeared as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Schulz applauded the UFC commentator for putting the astrophysicist “in his place” after his dismissive and condescending comments regarding Aliens.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s dismissive attitude towards aliens infuriates Joe Rogan

Andrew Schulz applauds Joe Rogan for slamming Neil deGrasse Tyson

Tyson recently appeared on the podcast for a three-hour interview with Rogan on May 26. Despite the two having a very strong relationship, the host went on an epic rant after Tyson appeared dismissive about the subject of aliens. After laughing at Rogan’s suggestion, Tyson said:

Think of the hubris of us saying this advanced civilization of aliens who can cross the gaps of space are interested in us and our gonads and they want to paint circles in our crops, it’s kinda weird I would think… I don’t think we’re that interesting.

In response, Joe Rogan kind of lashed out and launched a polemic and was visibly irritated, saying:

Okay, I hate this argument. I think we’re really f**kin’ interesting. We can nuke the entire planet many times over and yet we don’t, we did it once in 1947, we bullsh*t each other constantly, we spew out propaganda, we have this bizarre ritual where every 4 years we pick a leader based on a popularity contest, we’re constantly involved in murder and rape and genocide all over the world, we choose what things to pay attention to what not to pay attention, we celebrate people who pretend to be heroes in films and televisions, and we barely know scientists who win nobel prizes. We’re f**king fascinating.

You can see Rogan’s response in the video below. Moreover, this argument also attracted Schulz’s attention, who particularly enjoyed it.

sddefault Neil deGrasse Tyson

Andrew Schulz supports Joe Rogan

While reacting to the viral moment on the Flagrant 2 podcast, Schulz backed up Rogan for pushing against Tyson. Schulz went as far as to say he is “sick of the dork”, referring to the astrophysicist. The comedian launched his own tirade, saying:

He always annoys me. But King Dork Neil deGrasse Tyson was on Rogan, and Rogan put him in his place, bro. That s**t was so f**king beautiful. They were talking about UFOs, and you know King Dork has to be bah humbug on everything, rain on everybody’s parade.

Schulz then further explained why he thinks Neil deGrasse Tyson is annoying to him, saying:

He’s so dismissive of everything he doesn’t agree with. Like you don’t even bring it up to him. It’s so patronizing and so arrogant to assume if something is of no interest to you then it should be of no interest to anybody.

Furthermore, Schulz highlighted what he believes was a flaw in Tyson’s argument that aliens will have no interest in human life. Schulz argued:

Why would we care about stars then? What’s so special about stars, DORK! Little specs of dust in the sky. In fact, the stuff you are studying ain’t even around no more. It’s gone by the time it reaches us, stupid! You study things that don’t exist, like UFO’s you f**king idiot!

Schulz really enjoyed Tyson being put “in his place” as he completely agreed with Joe Rogan’s rant on the matter. And it made the comedian “feel so good”. Despite the differences, he did praise Neil deGrasse Tyson for the copious amount of knowledge that he posses. However, as soon as UFOs and aliens came into discussion, he believed Tyson was in Rogan’s territory. He said:

The second they got into that UFO thing, now you are in Rogan’s wheelhouse. So now you are in the unprovable. If you want to go into the provable s**t – that’s you. But the unprovable? Buckle up!

You can watch the complete segment of the podcast below:

Neil deGrasse Tyson

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