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FaZe Banks helps resolve the dispute between Adin Rose and Ludwig

FaZe Banks who is friends with both, Adin Rose and Ludwig, helped them patch things up. Bank was mostly known for making clutch plays on call of duty when he was in his prime. He still does it from time to time but the main reason why he came into clutch was to put an end to the feud between two of his friends, Ludwig and Adin.

Adin is one of the best streamers on twitch and Ludwig is still making his way to the top.

How did Adin Rose and Ludwig’s feud start?

The whole drama started when FaZe Banks’ friends Ludwig, Chance, and Nick took a shot at Adin and the Twitch viewers during a stream. In this stream, Ludwig pointed out that Rose has a lot of connections in LA and attracted a different type of viewership compared to the group. The whole thing just didn’t sit right with Adin.

Ross responded

Do not disrespect my viewers like that. You guys have literally fuc*ing hall of fame nerds, hall of fame threats that spam in chat ‘poggers’ and ‘omegalul’ the entire stream. You guys are unfunny streamers and not funny bro. Not funny at all.”

This was not the end of it all. Adin kept going and going in insulting all of them. The drama continued when Ludwig took it to Adin’s DMs, but Ross was not having it so he posted the screenshot of DMs on his Twitter, which later he deleted for some reason. Ludwig explained in his message that he did not want any bad blood and it was all love. To which Ross replied,

L nerd, go play your violin band geek.

This was again not the end. The drama continued since forever. But thanks to FaZe Banks, for helping the boys to end up their feud.

How did FaZe Banks resolve the feud?

FaZe Banks got into a three-way chat with Ludwig and Adin. Banks defended Ross and said that there were some unwarranted shots taken. Before apologizing to each other, Adin and Ludwig explained their sides of the stories as well. For now, both of them have put an end to their feud but only time will tell what happens next.