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All you need to know about “ON” | BTS x Sia

The very famous K-POP band BTS’ past tweet regarding Sia is proof that Miracles Surely Happen and Silent Dreams Do Come True. After the release of BTS New Album Map Of the Soul: 7, BTS Army noticed that the album has actually two versions of the song “ON”-with one of them featuring Sia in the tracklist.

BTS x Sia – On | The Making

If we take a trip down the memory lane, we will surely remember BTS’s Love and admiration for “Sia’ Chandelier”. This tweet was posted from BTS’ Twitter account, “@BTS_twt”, back on June 9th, 2014.

Sia – Chandelier.. 꼭 뮤직비디오로 보세요. 간만에 소름 3천 번은 돋은 거 같다 빌보드 1위해라 (in Korean)
Sia -Chandelier..Please watch the music video. I think it’s creepy 3,000 times in a long time (in English)

Who knew Sia, herself, would be tweeting out BTS’s tracklist after six long long years, as BTS prepares for their comeback. (After 10 months of the release of Map Of The Soul: Persona)

The digital-only version of “ON” featuring Sia came out when BTS reached out to Sia to work together on one of the tracks from their album “Map Of The Soul: 7”. Fans are super excited as BTS is also collaborating with a few other amazing artists.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, The BTS boys were asked about how do they feel working with Sia, what was the experience like collaborating with her? To which, J-Hope replied:

Every time we do these collaborations, we are always amazed. We are able to work with these great artists.

And this time it was the same. It was really amazing. Her voice is great.

BTS are Sia’s Fans

RM further explained:

When chandelier was first released, I just watched the movie like on the day when it’s releasing.

I was like shocked, I never knew about her before. I watched the movie, I watched the music video.

And all you, I got shocked. This song just got to go to like billboard #1, I tweeted about that.

On | About The Track

BTS x Sia’s ON is also the album’s title track. Whose 30 seconds audio preview was first released on early Friday morning through a worldwide video platform “TikTok”. The preview temporarily crashed the app, and that was expected because it’s BTS.

The Sia collaboration of “ON”  is only a special digital-only release. It will not be available on the physical copies of the Album “Map Of The Soul: 7.”

“ON” is basically a proof of BTS’s loyalty. The band members are working together for seven years. Moreover, this track is about becoming stronger by dealing with one’s shadows. The title of the song is also a reference to BTS’s 2013 track, N.O. It highlights the ups and downs the band had to face during the past 7 years of their musical journey. Check out the BTS x Sia version of ON below:

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