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Cole Sprouse is leaving Riverdale? The Truth!

Cole Sprouse is leaving Riverdale? The Truth!

Riverdale fans are in a ruckus. Last week’s episode really left everyone in shock. One of the strongest and important characters on the show, Jughead (Cole Sprouse), was killed off. After all these months of so much going on, we finally got to see what had been the focal point of this season since its trailer, the demise of Jughead Jones. Now, if Jughead is dead, what is to happen to Cole Sprouse? Here’s our theory.

Could Cole Sprouse really be leaving Riverdale?

At the end of the episode, KJ Apa’s character, Archie Andrews confirmed that Jughead did not have any pulse. So, we know that if Jughead is to survive, there has to be a miracle or something. Although, not to be a stretch but nothing is ever as simple as ‘does not have a pulse, oh oops, he’s dead’ on Riverdale. This may just be a cliffhanger or just a temporary seizure or something. Also, we strongly believe that Cole Sprouse’s character is one of the strongest on the show. Moreover, he is such a favorite among fans. There’s an entire base of his fans all over the world who watch the show because of Cole.

So, as for any chances that Cole Sprouse may be leaving the show? Upon looking into it, we found that there have, as of yet, been no indications towards that. All of his social media is as normal. The other costars have left no easter eggs regarding a possible reduction in the cast.

Also, Cole Sprouse has a pretty good thing going with his on-screen buds off the screen. Lili Reinhart, Riverdale’s Betty Cooper and other cast members like KJ Apa, Madelaine Petsch, and Casey Cott are all considerably good friends. So, there’s no falling out to be reported either.

Although the truth is probably going to come out at least a little while from now, we are confident that Cole wouldn’t just leave his Riverdale family like that.