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Addison Rae & Nessa Barrett confess to liking anti-Charli comments

There is always some trouble in TikTok paradise. Many teenagers are using the App to promote their talent. However, some of them are spreading toxicity as well. Even when they are not really being toxic, the fandom does not take it lightly. That’s why when Addison Rae’s past behavior towards Charli D’Amelio surfaced on the Instagram, the fans were quick to highlight someone is creating a fuss out of nothing. But Addison knew it was not really NOTHING. So she issued an apology. Soon, Nessa Barrett’s anti-Charli behavior was also highlighted and it just got messier. While both of them have issued their statements in response to the backlash, Dixie D’Amelio called their past behavior an act of jealousy.

Addison Rae used Charli D’Amelio for clout in 2019?

Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio have been really close friends. They were so close that fans started to ship them as a couple. Addison was fresh out of a relationship with Bryce Hall and people just wanted to see her happy. Or in a relationship permanently since they also shipped her with Tony Lopez and David Dobrik.

Anyways, coming back to the point, people got confused initially when Dixie D’Amelio tweeted this.

Some fans connected the dots and believed that Dixie’s tweet was about Addison Rae liking some controversial comments back in November 2019. Addison also found out about the screenshots surfacing on the internet, so she clarified whys he did what she did.

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addison speaks out and clears the air on some “shady” comments that she liked about Charli back in november👀 some were thinking dixie tweeted about them

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Here’s why the fans believed Dixie D’Amelio’s tweets were about Addison.

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[SWIPE] Dixie commented on leakfandoms picture after they archived the “shady” comments addison liked in november on a duet with charli which has since been deleted. This is why people are thinking dixie’s tweets defending charli were towards addison because she commented asking where this post showing the liked comments went👀- sent in

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Dixie also tweeted about Charli deserving better and that she will always put her family first.

Currently, there is no bad blood between them and they still stan each other. Addison did not know Charli back then, and she apologized confirming she was going through a messy break up at that time.

Nessa Barrett confirms she was jealous of Charli

Soon after Addison Rae screenshots went viral, some bored people started another drama. This time, it was screenshots of some comments liked by Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards’ girlfriend, back in November 2019.

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comments liked by nessa in november have also resurfaced – sent in

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Nessa Barrett confirmed that she used to like every comment back then. She also confirmed that she was jealous of Charli D’Amelio back then, however, she loves Charli now.

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nessa responds more about the liked comments from november

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Charli D’Amelio has not addressed the issues directly. However, she tweeted this:

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