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Where is Addison Rae? Bryce Hall knows apparently

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The famous TikToker Addison Rae, who has been collaborating a lot with David Dobrik, Vlog Squad and Kourtney Kardashian, is on a hiatus. She is one of those social media personalities that are constantly posting on the internet. That’s why, no content from her has led fans to imagine the worst. And some are even spreading rumors of her being hospitalized. In fact, someone also started a rumor that she is pregnant. Since everyone seems to be looking for her, the paparazzi finally got a hold of Bryce Hall and asked him about her.

Bryce Hall shuts down Addison Rae’s pregnancy rumor

Almost everyone linked to Hype House and the Sway House got involved in the recent drama. Even that did not push Addison to speak up. She is still not posting anything on the internet.

The Hollywood Fix talked to Bryce Hall and asked him about Addison Rae. He said:

No comment on that, she is fine.

That seems like Bryce Hall does know where Addison Rae is. And wherever she is, she is fine. In fact, Bryce Hall further confirmed that Addison Rae is not pregnant. We are glad to know that she is fine, and probably focusing herself by taking a break from the internet. On a side note, Bryce Hall also confirmed that they are discussing the whole Hype House-Sway House drama off-the-screen.

The rumors and accusations

Before Bryce Hall confirmed that Addison Rae is okay, many people believed that she has been hospitalized. Her fans were worried about her mental health. Whereas; others were questioning the reason why she is taking a break when people wanted her to acknowledge her past mistakes.

Before she went MIA, people were accusing her of blackfishing. And they were expecting her to address the issue or release a statement. The “blackfishing” allegation came when people observed her to be extra-tanner than necessary in a photoshoot. Others are saying that it’s probably the summer weather or her tanning spray that many celebrities use for photoshoots.

Addison Rae deleted that post and did not post anything else at all since then. Moreover, people are also speculating that Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are dating and keeping it private. Things got a little heated up on the internet when a famous influencer, Danielle Perkins, posted about Addison saying the “n” word, and her past tweet about All Live Matter & Black Lives Matter. Her fans want her to release a statement ASAP so that they can move on from this issue. Even though she is still silent, Kio Cyr confirmed that Addison did not ask him to say the N word, she said “did you say?”.

We hope that Addison Rae releases a statement soon and clear all the rumors/accusations.

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