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The ACE Family lawsuit details leaked: YouTubers being sued for $65,000

The ACE Family lawsuit details leaked: YouTubers being sued for $65,000

Some of the crucial details of the ACE Family lawsuit have been leaked, which revealed that the YouTubers have been sued for around $65,000.

Austin McBroom and his ACE Famly are in a heap of financial troubles, as the YouTubers face a lawsuit. Some of the details of their lawsuit have been leaked, which has revealed that McBroom and Catherine Paiz of the ACE Family are being sued for $65,000. However, this is just one of a series of lawsuits that the YouTubers are facing.

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The ACE Family has been in the news for quite some time, but for the wrong reasons. Known for their family life vlogs and charity basketball games, the family is currently facing foreclosure for failing to make payments for their $7 million mansion. And this is just one of the lawsuits. Previously, Austin McBroom was hit with two different lawsuits over the Social Gloves pay controversy, which accused him of not paying influencers for the Battle of the Platforms event called YouTubers vs TikTokers that took place in June.

According to the leaked documents, their former landlord is suing them for around $65,000, as the couple broke their contract by not paying rent. The rent that the couple missed out on was around $7000/month. However, that is not the end of the controversy. There was another lawsuit against the couple, this time more than twice the amount of the foreclosure lawsuit. The ACE Family also reportedly refused to pay Subify, a social media platform aggregator, $120,455 in total.

Two further lawsuits against the ACE Family

If you thought these two lawsuits were all there is to the controversy that surrounds the ACE Family, you were wrong. They have two other serious lawsuits as well. This time, it’s Catherine Paiz who finds herself in some legal trouble by TBL, who partnered with them in 1212 Gateway. The legal documents in the case say that “TBL should take no profits from Gateway”. As a result, there were speculations that the ACE Family didn’t make any profits from the partnership.

However, if you thought that’s all of the lawsuits, you were mistaken. A rental company for construction equipment named Ahern Rentals also sued the couple in April 2021.

That is a total of four different lawsuits that the ACE Family finds themselves in. And I’m not even counting the Social Gloves scandal right now. Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine Piaz are currently at the center of a lot of drama, and we don’t know when it will end. We can only know further when new details come to light about their controversies.