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Conor McGregor willing to fight Jake and Logan Paul, calling them "dingbats"

Conor McGregor willing to fight Jake and Logan Paul, calling them “dingbats”

Nick Walshaw recently asked Conor McGregor if he would fight with the Paul brothers to which he said maybe. He also called them "dingbats".

Conor McGregor surprised us and many of his fans recently. He said that he is willing to fight the Paul brothers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul, while also calling them ‘dingbats’.

McGregor is a notorious Irish mixed martial artist who has won multiple Ultimate Fighting Championship titles. So, you can say that he is definitely one of the biggest names in UFC right now. He has been signed with UFC since 2013. As we already know that Jake and Logan Paul are slowly coming to the field of fighting and hand-to-hand combat sports. But now, they’ve started rattling the big fishes, and Conor is definitely one of them. Many people have said that is there a possibility of Conor fighting the Paul brothers. Well, the martial artist has given us an answer himself.

Is Conor McGregor gives nod to fight the Paul brothers?

Conor McGregor willing to fight Jake and Logan Paul, calling them "dingbats"
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In the past, Conor has avoided having fights with the Logan brothers. There was a discussion with Conor before his bout with Dustin Poirier and seems like the fighter is ready to give us what we want. Conor recently talked to Nick Walshaw, a reporter. Nick asked Conor if we will be seeing Jake Paul or Logan Paul in the ring with Conor McGregor. The fighter assured all of us that the presence of the Paul brothers does not interest him but Conor also discussed that there might be a possibility of a fight.

Before this, Conor was never really interested in having a fight with the infamous brothers but looks like he is interested now. He did not name a date so, we’re not sure when the fight could take place or even if it will. But, we are excited to see the Paul brothers fight Conor McGregor. In the interview, Nick asked Conor about the Paul brothers coming to watch the Poirier fight. To which Conor replied:

I couldn’t care about them two dingbats

Well, Nick Walshaw was not the one to give up until we got a clear-cut answer. Walshaw again asked Conor if there is the possibility of a fight with the Paul brothers. Conor McGregor replied:

Never say never. If they’re gonna keep competing, who knows?

We would be very excited to see one of the Paul brothers in the ring with Conor. Would you?