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Logan Paul confirms the next fight: Could it be with Mike Tyson?

Logan Paul confirms the next fight: Could it be with Mike Tyson?

The Hollywood Fix asked Logan Paul about his upcoming match to which Logan replied we will find out soon. Rumors are that he will be fighting Mike Tyson.

Logan Paul had a fight with the famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in June. Paul confirmed that there is going to be the next fight soon. Could it be with Mike Tyson? Logan has hinted at that.

Logan Paul is a TikToker and a famous YouTuber, but he has a newfound interest in boxing. Logan fought the very famous former boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in June. The fight’s rule was that there will be no winner or loser but people think that Floyd was clearly the winner of the match, landing punches more accurately and some even saying that Floyd even knocked Logan out once. The two were in the ring together for eight whole rounds. Even Joe Rogan who is a UFC commentator and an expert on Mixed Martial Arts also praised Logan after the match.

After this, there was no announcement of whom Logan is going to be fighting next but I think Logan just gave us a hint. But, he was not going to let the fans ponder for too long so he gave the fans a hint of who he might be fighting next.

Who is it that Logan Paul will be fighting next?

While Logan was on his way to have dinner, The Hollywood Fix asked the influencer some questions. The reporter asked him:

who’s on [his] wishlist?

To that, Logan Paul replied that we will find out soon. Logan also confirmed that he and his team already have in mind who he will be fighting next. The Hollywood Fix asked Logan:

Are you ready to fight [Mike] Tyson

And Paul responded:

I am ready to fight anyone.

We think that Logan might be fighting Mike in the next match because they have been linked for months already. After Floyd and Logan’s match, he appeared on the ImPAULsive podcast. In the podcast, he joked about not fighting Tyson because he had to focus on Floyd, but still called Tyson a ‘great’:

One great at a time. My lawyer mentioned it. He’s like ‘no, Tyson would rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance.’ You can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson! He’s old, old

So, maybe we will be seeing Logan Paul and Mike Tyson in the ring soon. But right now, there have been no official movements by either of the two stars.