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X Ambassadors’ Optimistic | Highlights Issues In America Including Gun Violence

X Ambassadors, the American rock band, just dropped a single titled Optimistic. The first impression after reading the title is probably of staying optimistic no matter what happens. However, it is not what the song is about. It is also not what X Ambassadors will do because they are into realistic tracks this year. X Ambassadors’ lead vocalist dedicated a song Hold You Down to his brother Casey Harris. They dedicated a song Hey Child to their ex-band member and a close friend Noah Feldshuh. Now, X Ambassadors’ Optimistic highlights all the issues in America including gun violence.

The Issues Faced By America | Highlighted In X Ambassadors’ Optimistic

The song is very intense and it addresses the effects of violence in America on Sam Harris & his family members. Not just his family, these issues are faced by all the citizens of America.

I feel like clawin’ out my eyes, I feel like crawlin’ out my skin, Never again, never again, Say never again, never again. I feel like runnin’ down my street, I feel so broken inside, Say never again, never again, But you say it again, say it again.

The lead vocalist Sam Harris is worried about the news we see every day and hope that it will never happen again. However, the violence does not stop and it happens again.

Gunshots and online forums, American decorum, I cried my fucking eyes out, Numbin’ the pain with a cold brew coffee. Our president is a racist prick, His daddy treated him like shit, He cakes his makeup on so thick, There’s nothin’ underneath it. Hollywood burns from fires we start, The Internet fills a hole in my heart, Sometimes I just wanna crash my car.

Intense Messages In The Lyrics

X Ambassadors’ Sam Harris calls out the President who has failed to resolve the issues America is facing. Gun violence can be prevented. However, the diligence required is missing.  Sam Harris even discussed that his wife does not want to bring a baby into this world because of the crimes. They are losing sleep trying to be optimistic and they are sick of being optimistic. He also addressed the recent gun violence incidents which raised many questions on the security of Americans.

Shot down in Dayton, Ohio, Parkland, Vegas, El Paso. Down at the border, her mother’s in labor inside of a cage and she says She don’t wanna bring a baby into this world.

X Ambassadors also shared a link for donations to raise funds against gun violence. The band is helping to raise awareness and donations for real gun reform.