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James Charles Bloopers Reel Unleashes Farts, Burps & Profanity

James Charles Bloopers Reel Unleashes Farts, Burps & Profanity

James Charles’ Twitter account recently got hacked by the Chuckling Squad, a group who is targeting YouTubers & Celebrities these days. Well, they hacked Shane Dawson too. The hackers also threatened to leak James Charles’ Nudes. And we all were thinking Charles might leak his own nudes just like Bella Thorne to prove he is not scared. Guess what? Right after he got his ID back, James Charles actually shared his nude, showing his buttocks and it started a new meme trend on Twitter. However, no one is talking about the Bloopers Reel unleashed by James Charles a day before his Twitter handle got hacked. Well, you all are missing the exclusive farts, burps & profanity. It is hilarious AF.

The Cringey Yet Hilarious Farts, Burps & Profanity

James Charles confirmed the never-seen-before footage and bloopers were shot during the last 7-8 months. He shared the last footage on December 28, 2018. It also had some farts, burps & profanity but not as much as the recent one. Even James Charles himself called some clips Beyond Crazy.

Some of these clips are beyond crazy and it will definitely be demonetized. But at least you guys will have a very good laugh.

The profanity level this time is extreme. James Charles is not holding back anything now, that’s guaranteed. He literally burped 3 times in a row during one of his shoots. That clip is followed by 8 random burps by James Charles, one of them is directed towards one of his friend’s face. (BFF Goals?) There is also a clip when Drew farts on James Charles face.

James Charles’ Tongue Twisters & Singing

James Charles has some serious tongue-twisting issues. If you do not believe it, watch the video. His tongue twisters are so hilarious and random, you can’t even guess what he was actually trying to say. He also has an amazing voice. James Charles can sing better than many singers as he does not even use auto-tuning for his voice. (Have to check all his covers now). You also get to see James Charles twerking.

His fans have also shared their favorite clips from the whole video.