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Eminem | ‘Gun Violence’ To Be Murdered By ‘Darkness’

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Eminem is currently trending on Twitter and the rest of the Internet after dropping his 11th album as a surprise. No one really knew it was coming, and surprisingly, the album has not 5, or 10, but straight away 20 songs. Marshall Mathers, the real Slim Shady, pays tribute to the legendary Alfred Hitchcock through his latest album: Music to be Murdered by. This album is trending not just for the tribute, or the unannounced release. In fact, it is currently on the hit list of many critics because of the first music video from the album. Eminem released his album and the official video of Darkness at the same time. Just like every sane singer, Eminem is highlighting gun violence through his music.

Eminem releases Music to be Murdered by

Marshall Mathers directly posted the album cover on his Instagram 3 hours back and the people were shocked. It was not just an album teaser, it was the album release announcement.

To endorse the message behind the album, Eminem stated the caption as:

It’s your funeral.

Oh boy, we do not know whose funeral it is yet. But we do hope that Eminem is talking about the so-called Gun Laws in America. (discussed down below. Keep reading).

Music to be Murdered by is currently available for purchase/listening on the official store, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. The album also features some amazing artists, including Ed Sheeran, Young M.A., Royce da 5’9″ & White Gold, Skylar Grey, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Denaun, Anderson .Paak, Don Toliver, KXNG Crooked, Joell Ortiz, and the late Juice Wrld.

As a matter of fact, Royce da 5’9″ is featured in 3 songs of the album.

Marshall Mathers’ Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

While some people might not know about him, Alfred Hitchcock was an English film producer and director. The “master of suspense” is famous for his movies, however; he released one and only album in 1958, titled Music to be Murdered by. Marshall Mathers has not just paid tribute to the artist by picking the same album title, his album cover is also inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s album.

There is a slight modification in Eminem’s album cover though. You can see a lot of red in it. Moreover, the album title is written in an interesting font; with some murder weapons as letters. That cover itself is challenging the Gun Laws in America as well as gun violence.

Eminem’s “Music to be Murdered by” also features portions of Alfred’s “words” contributions (to his 1958 album) in Alfred (Interlude), Alfred, and Alfred (Outro),

Darkness | Eminem’s Take on Gun Violence

The song darkness and the video really shock you to the core. Darkness defines Music to be Murdered by. If there is a song that can kill all the birds with one stone, it’s Darkness. The video starts with Eminem sitting in darkness. Whereas; in the next shot a guy (Stephan Paddock, the man behind 2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting) is shown in almost the same attire, but he is sitting in a hotel room, facing the curtained window.

Here I am, alone again
Can’t get out of this hole I’m in
It’s like the walls are closin’ in
You can’t help me, no one can
I can feel these curtains closin’
I go to open ’em
But something pulls ’em closed again

The lyrics and the video highlight what Stephan Paddock might have been thinking before he opened fire on the concert crowd at Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Paddock was in his suite of 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel. From there, he had a clear view of the concert.

Feels like I’m loathing in Las Vegas
Haven’t got the vaguest why I’m so lost
But I’d make you this small wager
If I bet you I’ll be in tomorrow’s paper
Who would the odds favor?

Darkness Lyrics hints Paddock’s real-life events

Marshall Mathers prepared Darkness from the shooter’s point-of-view. Stephan Paddock was an ex-auditor, a gambler and a patient of anxiety and depression. He was also an alcoholic, and it is assumed that he took his prescribed anti-anxiety medicines (Valium) with alcohol. Eminem has shown the same in Darkness video. In the video, you can see glimpses of medicines and alcohol.

I keep pacin’ this room, Valium and chase it with booze.

One little taste, it’ll do
Maybe I’ll take it and snooze, then tear up the stage in a few

Stephan Paddock’s father was a bank robber who has on the FBI’s most-wanted list which explains the following lyrics:

I’m so much like my father, you would think that I knew him.

Darkness | On 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

Stephan Paddock had two consecutive suites booked in the hotel. His stocked ammunition and weapons included 14 AR-15 rifles (equipped with bump stocks, 10 of which had 100 rounds), 8 AR-10 rifles, a revolver, and a bolt-action rifle. The bump stock is used to modify a weapon so that it can shoot multiple rounds in succession.

The music is so loud
But it’s almost as though I don’t hear no sound
I should get ready for the show now
Wait is this the whole crowd? I thought this shit was sold out
But it’s only the opening act, it’s early, don’t overreact
Then something told me relax
And just hope for the show to be packed
Don’t wanna hit the stage before they fill each row to the max
‘Cause that’d be totally wack
You can’t murder a show nobody’s at

Paddock waited for the opening act to end before mass shooting began. The shooting lasted for 10 minutes. Initially, everyone at the concert thought that they are hearing fireworks. However; it turned out to be gunshots.

Finger on the trigger, but I’m a licensed owner
With no prior convictions, so loss, the sky’s the limit
So my supplies infinite, strapped like I’m a soldier
Got ’em hopping over walls and climbing fences
Some of them John Travolta, staying alive by inches.

The shooting began at 10:05 and ended at 10:15. Stephan Paddock shot himself and died at the spot.

Cops are knockin’, oh fuck, thought I blocked the entrance
Guess show time is over
No suicide note, just a note for target distance
But if you’d like to know the reason why I did this
You’ll never find a motive, truth is I have no idea
I am just as stumped, no signs of mental illness
Just tryin’ to show ya the reason why we’re so fucked
‘Cause by the time it’s over, won’t make the slightest difference.

Eminem & Fight Against Gun Violence

While no motive behind 2017 mass shooting still remains unknown, the Government banned bump stocks in 2018. However, incidents of gun violence are still happening in America.

To fight against gun violence, and to change the gun laws, Eminem needs his army to join his hand against this fight.

When will this end?

When enough people care.

A list of organizations is available on Eminem’s website to help you in finding a way to end this senseless gun violence as well as help the survivors and victims’ families.

There were 58 fatalities, and then his own suicide, 869 injuries (including 413 due to gunfires). Please follow the links to the organizations and join hands with Eminem to end gun violence.

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