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X Ambassadors’ Hey Child | Ode To Noah Feldshuh?

X Ambassadors have recently rocked the world with their latest video release of original song Hey Child from the album Orion. The song can be classified as one of the masterpieces by X Ambassadors. After Renegades, Unsteady, and Hold You Down; their track Hey Child is everything the band is famous for. The song makes you fall in love with the band even if you were unfamiliar to their music before. Hey Child is an ode to an undisclosed friend (Probably Noah Feldshuh) and many people are relating to the lyrics.

X Ambassadors’ Video Release Of Hey Child

The band released the audio 2 months back on 19th April and the video just came out on 17th June. Message behind the video was not disclosed at the time of audio release so people were a bit confused. The story behind the lyrics was kept a surprise at that time.

However, as soon as the video was released, it all started to make sense. As the video says, this song is for a friend who is not in contact with the band anymore. Name & Information about that friend is kept secret though. At the beginning of the music video, text messages go like this:

Hey. Haven’t heard from you in a while. So i figured this was the best way to reach out. This is a new song. I wrote it about us.

Towards the end; the text messages are back:

I wrote this song to tell you I miss you. I hope you’re healthy, I hope you’re happy. Gimme a call sometime. I Love you.

Our Theory | Hey Child Is Dedicated To Noah Feldshuh

If you focus on the lyrics, you will realize it is about a childhood friend who is not in contact with the band anymore. Someone who once got arrested as well.

I heard you got arrested in the street last night
You called me with a voice I didn’t recognize
So you’re numbin’ the pain, stuck in your ways
Since we were kids it was like this
But I will be there, I will be there for you

Lead vocalist Sam Harris and the keyboardist Casey Harris are brothers. X Ambassadors currently consists of the Harris Brothers and drummer Adam Levin. There is one member missing from the band; Noah Feldshuh. Feldshuh was a childhood friend of the Harris brothers. They were friends since kindergarten and met Adam Levin in New School in the New York City, Year 2006.

Feldshuh was lead guitarist, bass guitarist, backing vocals and also covered keyboards. He was MIA (read Missing in Action) for few months since December 2015 when he was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. Laters, the band released a statement on 17th June 2016 that Feldshuh is on break due to some personal issues. Releasing the video exactly after 3 years on 17th June 2019 does not really seem like a coincidence.

Hey child, hey child
You were born wild
Let your neon lights
Keep shinin’ bright
I am a huge fan of X Ambassadors personally and seeing Sam Harris emotional towards the end of the music video really hurts. Here’s hoping these guys get back together and stay happy. Check out the video here.