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Sadly, Tom Holland & Zendaya Aren’t Dating

For almost two years now, there have been rumors that Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating but the Spiderman: Far from Home actor has denied.

For almost two years now, there have been rumors that the Spiderman: Far from Home costars Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating. Even when Zendaya continually denied the rumors, speculation continued to persist. But now Holland himself has stepped in giving an update on his relationship status. It turns out that his costar is actually not a part of his love life. So, will fans continue searching for hints about their romantic involvement or let it go?

Tom Holland Himself Confirms He is Single…

During the promotions of the upcoming Spiderman movie in which Tom Holland and Zendaya are together, the actor discussed his relationship life. He said that not only was he single now, but he had definitely not been dating Zendaya. Holland further shared that he was a relationship person. Though, the actor prefers to focus on his career as of now.

As for Zendaya, the last time she shared her views on dating life, they were the exact opposite of Tom’s. Back in September 2017, the actress claimed that she was against relationships.

The actress believes that relationships aren’t a good idea when people are young. That’s mostly because their identities are still being formed. In that process, people tend to make mistakes and relationships rarely last. Perhaps that’s the reason why she and Tom Holland aren’t dating yet.

I’m so anti being in a committed relationship when you’re young and people are learning and growing, because when people are young, they make bad decisions sometimes because they don’t know any better. It doesn’t mean they don’t know the difference between right and wrong—it just means that they’re still in the experimental phase in their life where they haven’t made the right decisions yet.

Although Tom Holland and Zendaya are not dating, he has talked about their friendship and how much he admires her. But that’s pretty much all going on between them for now. Either way, they look pretty cute together.