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X Ambassadors celebrate 5th anniversary of debut album VHS

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X Ambassadors, one of the greatest music creators of all times, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of debut album VHS. The American rock band released the album on June 30, 2015. And it is safe to state that the songs still resonate with the fans. Out of the 20 songs launched in original version of the album, the songs that got the fame were Renegade, Gorgeous, and Unsteady. What makes this anniversary a bitter-sweet event is the fact that one of the original band members, Noah Feldshuh, is on hiatus. Sam Harris, Casey Harris and Adam Levin also dedicated a song to Feldshuh, titled Hey Child. But that’s a different story. Here’s to the glorious 5 years of X Ambassadors, and VHS.

X Ambassadors & Unsteady Live

To celebrate the VHS 5th anniversary, X Ambassadors shared a video on their YouTube channel. The video is a live performance of their best song, Unsteady, back from the days when people weren’t afraid of public gatherings. In fact, it is a montage of the band performing Unsteady LIVE at various concerts.

Throughout the video, you can see the audience singing along with Sam Harris. The song, Unsteady, is a pretty deep song and many cannot hear it without crying.

Unsteady VHS
X Ambassadors/YouTube

And not only were they singing, most of the fans also had their cell phones in the air, creating a lovely ambience.

X Ambassadors
X Ambassadors/YouTube

The song Unsteady also got famous for being a part of the movie, Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke & Sam Claflin.

Since X Ambassadors could not celebrate VHS 5th anniversary like they wanted to, they still delivered a beautiful message to the world.


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Our debut album VHS came out 5 years ago this week. Wowowow. To say that the time has “flown by” would be like… I mean, it’s more like time got on the fuckin Hyperloop and basically teleported our asses here today. What even IS time right now anyways? I digress… This album had songs on it that would forever alter our journey as a band. This song in particular… it gives me the chills watching this footage of all of you singing it back to us. To have such a personal song and album travel as far as it has, to know how it’s affected all of you as much as it’s affected us… it’s all just a little overwhelming, tbh. VHS was mostly recorded in our van, backstage in venues, hotel rooms, other people’s kitchens (shout out my wife @tess__harrison , @mariacwilson + Hannah Whitney for letting me be your 4th roomate all those years). It was scrappy, perfectly imperfect, and a true testement to all those years we’d spent together in a stinky van travelling around the country. We’re still so proud of it and are thrilled to celebrate it’s 5th anniversary. I’d recommend listening to VHS today while you continue to fight for all Black lives, for the LGBTQ+ community, to Abolish the Police, to Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex, and to vote 45 out of office. Love, Sam

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It couldn’t have been more perfect!

VHS: Behind the scenes

Let’s go back 5 years, when X Ambassadors discussed their first album VHS. Lead vocalist Sam Harris shared how the original band members spent most of their lives together. So, in the first album VHS, they wanted to show it to the world. And they realized best way to do it is through the VHS recordings their families have of them growing up.

While talking about the track Unsteady, Sam Harris confirms it is about Divorce. It highlights the family trying to keep itself together. In fact, the song is partially based on Sam & Casey Harris’ parents’ divorce. X Ambassadors also tried showing as many angles to a divorce as possible. All from the mother’s perspective, the father’s perspective and the child’s perspective. Since is was uncomfortable for them to work on such a topic, therefore they decided it’s worth a shot. And it really was. Even after 5 years, Unsteady still cuts deep.

Go through the stories behind the VHS tracks with X Ambassadors below:

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