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Would you like James Charles in your Zoom Classes?

As all societal norms are no longer the ‘norm’, we are taking a step ahead into the education sector. An online education that was scheduled to make it into our systems over a span of years, happened overnight. The COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) has given birth to a totally online education transition. And while we’re at it, you must know that Zoom is one of the most widely used applications worldwide for online education. While you may love it or hate it, you know that the app has changed our lives. Well, even our college/ school drop out YouTubers are curious to see how it works as James Charles asks fans how they would feel if he joined one of their classes.

James Charles wants to join your Zoom classes!

James Charles, the infamous beauty guru, and influencer is bored with the Quarantine life too. The whole Coronavirus Pandemic has got everyone bored. Well, so much that James Charles is considering going back for a class.

If you did not know, here is how Zoom works. You create a chat room where you can have over a hundred participants at a time. All with video, audio and screen sharing options. You can also record the lecture and save it for later. But, not just anyone can join the chat room. The app has updated its privacy to have the host, typically the teacher, completely decide who comes into class and who does not. We do wonder what James Charles would find so intriguing about zoom classes. They are still classes. And, it would still be the same old syllabus.

We honestly do hope that James Charles does not turn this an Omegle kind of charade. Joining random classes and just creating a distraction for a few minutes and then moving on to the next link. It would be a waste of valuable time.

Fans react to his tweet offering their Zoom links.

So, even though it may not be best to interrupt a class that way, fans of James Charles are all up for it.

Some fans even go as far as directly sharing their Zoom class link with James.

Other users are asking him to not do that, for obvious reasons. Teachers, who are barely keeping the attention of their students, will have a charade with James Charles’s Sisters screaming about.

A few of his fans also suggested he should make a video about popping in on Zoom classes.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. What do you think? Would you want James Charles in your class?