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Why Bryce Hall & Faith Ordway Are Having Online Beef

Recently, Bryce Hall got in a fight with TikToker, Faith Ordway. While they both were set to film a hot tub live stream for Twitch, she walked out of it last minute. In a series of TikToks, she accused Hall of pressuring her to kiss him. Despite her refusal to do it, he kept insisting and told her that she will get actual fame. According to Hall, she is lying and trying to get clout.

A few days back, Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway got together to film a Twitch live stream, but things did not go well.

To shoot a live stream for Twitch on Tommy Unold’s stream, Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway decided to get into a hot tub. However, they got into a fight before filming began. After she left, Hall started the live stream and described the scenario. According to him, he did not understand what exactly happened, and Ordway stormed off. At the same time, Bryce Hall explained that she made a salty remark. To which he responded accordingly. This made her angry, and she left immediately. Similarly, he insisted that she started the feud. His team members and Tommy confirmed this and were confused like him.

Bryce Hall

In a series of TikToks, Ordway responded and accused him of pressuring her to kiss.

Faith Ordway believes Bryce Hall is a ‘trash bag human.’ When she agreed to do the live stream, Hall’s team suggested ending the session ‘with a bang.’ To which the YouTuber suggested a kiss. Despite Ordway refusing to kiss, he kept pressurizing her. In response to this, Bryce Hall called her a p***y and said:

“Every girl that’s done it now has a successful career.”

However, Ordway said:

“I said, ‘I’m successful on my own. I don’t need that.’ He said, ‘No, I meant like, actually successful.’ That’s when I decided to leave.”

Bryce Hall

After this, she left the filming and headed home. Similarly, she requested Hall’s team to remove the thumbnail where she is kissing him on the cheek. Once again, Bryce Hall refused to do so. Since then, the two have been feuding and Ordway made more videos and called Tommy and Hall disgusting. Furthermore, she broke down and said:

“You’re all bad people, and you’re going to get bad karma, and I’m not a bad person, I know what happened. So I know I’m going to be f**king fine, so f**k off.”

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After her videos went viral, Bryce Hall responded on Twitter.

In a tweet which he posted right after her first TikTok videos, Bryce Hall called her a clout chaser and said:

welcome to clout season; it’s when the lying women like faith ordway try to create a false narrative to boost their “career” and portrays themselves as an angel when we both know what happens off the internet 🥳

After her second video, he said:

“This girl just posted another TikTok trying to justify her lies AND leaking my new private address… She needs to check her mailbox this week daily.”

Despite the drama between Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway, Tommy is silent and has not responded to the drama.