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Benedict Cumberbatch has a "pathological hatred for cats" reveals Claire Foy!

Benedict Cumberbatch has a “pathological hatred for cats” reveals Claire Foy!

Apparently, Benedict Cumberbatch hates cats! According to his co-star, Claire Foy, the Sherlock Holmes star is not very fond of the feline species. During their latest movie, the Electrical Life of Louis Wain, they had to work with a lot of cats. However, he has given up on the animals because they’re high maintenance. Their new film revolves around the Victorian era artist whose work featured cats mostly.

Based on a true story, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy.

In the latest film of Will Sharpe, Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy will be playing husband and wife. Based on the incredible life of late Victorian era artist, Louis Wain, the film tells about his art and love life. Interestingly, his art mostly featured cats. At the same time, the film shows his relationship with his wife, Emily Richardson. While talking about the Benedict Cumberbatch starrer film, the director said:

“I think sometimes with biopics I feel when I’m watching them that a life has somehow been exploited or mangled out of shape in service of a movie. But I felt, we all felt, actually, really strongly that we wanted this movie to work in service of his life. I wanted this movie to feel like a life and for us to be able to go on that journey with Louis.”

Along with Foy and Cumberbatch, the supporting cast includes Andrea Riseborough, Toby Jones, Sharon Rooney, Aimiee Lou Wood and Asim Chaudhary.

Benedict Cumberbatch

According to Foy, her co-star has a deep hatred for cats.

During the New Year’s Eve special for Graham Norton Show, Claire Foy also made an appearance. While talking about her upcoming film, The Crown and Benedict Cumberbatch, she revealed something interesting. In order to portray Louis Wain’s life and art more realistically, the filmmaker hired multiple cats. According to her, Benedict Cumberbatch is not fond of cats. She said:

“I loved the cats. But Benedict now has a pathological hatred of working with them. They are very high maintenance, and they were more important than him!”

Benedict Cumberbatch

Similarly, Benedict Cumberbatch’s co-star was not interested in doing this film.

While she might be everyone’s favorite portrayal of Queen Elizabeth on The Crown, Claire Foy did not want to do another period film. According to Benedict Cumberbatch co-star, she almost refused to be in the film. She said:

“It is a beautiful, beautiful film, but I didn’t want to be in it at all. I didn’t want to do a period film. That’s my own problem, not wanting to do a period biopic – that’s got nothing to do with actual period topics. They’re great. It’s just me going, ‘Mmm, I’m not really sure. What is the story? What is there to tell?’ And I ask myself that with everything. I think it takes a director like Will, who just goes, ‘Oh, shut up, just do it. ’I need that sometimes.”

We are glad that she said yes and did the film with Benedict Cumberbatch. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain was released in October in USA.